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Mirena coil falling out and bringing bit of flesh with it!!!

On the 5th march I had a mirena coil fitted and since then i have bled ridiculously heavily bar 3rd to 6th days after insertion, and as the pain grew it caused concern I made an appointment with my nurse and got the all ok, even after telling her that what seemed like long fleshy fatty strings were also appearing in with abnormal clitd, but only the once (I rang docs straight after that) anyway ... I got the ok and went home still in severe discomfort and tried to forget it all but no. U woke up the next morning with severe pains and a gush of blood all over, I struggled to the bathroom, leaving quite a trail of destruction behind, and sat down to find my coil had came out so evidently it wasn't normal. But also after that I went on to have another one of them fatty fleshy stringy things come out, and it really hurt at that, I would just like to know if anyone else has had a coil fall out and if any like flesh came with, scared that it may have ripped my womb on way out and its came loose and fell off or something. What's going on aaaaaaaaah please help, thank you

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Hi alexmcd,

I came across your post when looking for an ans myself, i got my mirena coil fitted 7 moths ago, one month after having my baby! i have been suffering really really bad back pain the last couple of months and find its mostly on the left side, i have also for the time this has been fitted been passing fleshy string and getting really heavy periods to the extent that i stay indoors when i have them. However, today as i was getting ready to shower i found my coil in my underwear, have an appointment with the doctor on monday to see whats going on, none of my friends have ever heard of it happening!


thank you for the reply webzy and I still dont know what was happening there I have been to doctors and he just said well forget it and go on norethisterone but ever since it came out the pains subsided a bit but I'm still in bad pain close to everyday and always sore so the coil is no good for me, let me know what the doc says when you go as I still have no answers

Thanks, Alex xxx


Hi ladies, how are you? I have had mirena in for about 7 weeks. Still bleeding and have had crampy labour type pains this week. Have just passed what looked like a bit of fleshy string too. Does this mean my mirena is/ has come out? Webzy, did you find out what this meant? Thanks


HI, I had a mirena coil fitted 3 years ago, a month ago after years of light periods I woke up one morning and well....flood gates everywhere, very frightening. Being me didn't go to the doctor, bleeding continued and eased, then started then stopped, until yesterday when I decided to have a look and sure enough the strings were hanging out, pulled gently and out it came with no pain, two seconds later enormous clot and then very heavy bleeding and clots all day yesterday and today, feeling shaky and lightheaded, tonight just come back from emergency gynaecology clinic in hospital after being reffered quickly by my doctor earlier today (who incidentally suspected pregnancy??!!)and the results all normal just simply the uterus expelling the coil and subsequent bleeding. Why this happened after 3 years they don't know! So the answer is yes, enormous amount of clots and large in size are apparently normal when a coil falls out or so says my consultant, good luck!


By the way, the mirena coil looks like a T shape plastic umbrella, with two long strings which are like fishing gut attached, I most definately could not mistake mine for anything but x


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