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One lap, 1/2 a hormone treatment and endo fights back

So after being diagnosed and treated in November last year i had a small gap before starting my hormone treatment and i would definitely say that these were the best few weeks for a long time in my life, pain free i could eat what i want, it was like i was a new person!!

I started my hormone treatment at the beginning of the year and thought no matter how bad it is, it is helping to cure me or make my life better. This meant i accepted the hot flushes, the severe anemia, the dizziness, the being sick, the not being able to keep food in, the greasy hair, the spotty face.

But then endo has again taken one back up on me!! The usual symptoms had started to creep back but i stayed positive and thought no its fine, you can't have no symptoms that's silly. The pain crept back manageable at first, but then it was hot water bottles, or heat pads. Then it was paracetamol, then codeine, then co-dydramol and there i was battling again. Not only this but the bleeding has returned. Not to be too graphic but i assume caused by the previous growths on my colon and pouch of Douglas, just to name two of the many.

So sadly from now i have to wait and see, keep battling and wait until june when they go back in with just a telescope and tell me most probably it has all grown back and the Zoladex didn't work. I knew it was bad and that operations would probably be every 2 years but damn you endo i will win!!

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Hi Heather don't know whether it is appropriate , but we're you offered hrt add back to counteract the Zoladex side effects , I had surgery in feb and am trying to avoid the drug pathway so doing the diet , no wheat or dairy , but have an option to have zoladex implant and livial add back hrt , Helen


Hi Helen,

Yea, i am on both Zoladex and Livial at the moment i tried the diet way before i had my laprascopy to remove the endo and that didn't work either sadly :(

It had almost forgotten just how bad the pain can be at times you get so used to it when it is everyday and now its back im thinking how did i deal with this every day. I'm very sore today.

How is it going for you with trying to treat it with dietary changes?


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