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Finally after 30 years

Hi all I am new to this site but not to HealthUnlocked. After 30 years yesterday I was given the news that I've got chronic endometiosis. I have also some other things wrong, but I have been made crazy with this for 30 years, I first went to my docs when I was 16 and for 30 years they have said I was obese and to loose weight. Now where? Any help would be benificial on anything. X

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Hi Tibby3a, hope you don't mind me asking. How old are ? I am 53 and have long suspected I have had endo , just undergone surgery to remove large cyst. Ovary and tube , plus endo in various places , feeling , much better, but am not menopausal at present but hoping after the op my body will just start behaving itself and I go into the menopause normally ?, as an older lady I have had two children , so not plaqued with ,any of the problems some of the younger ladies have , trying to start families , and or bringing up children feeling lousy, I have decided to follow a dairy and wheat free diet , don't freak out read up on it it may well provide invaluable pain and symptom relief and help you to better health there are other websites and books available to read up on endo .

You may need to post a little more info about yourself and any particular problems so other ladies may be able to offer you more advice . Kind regards Helen


Hi Helen, I am 45 years old. One of my friends is a sports person and she is into the wheat free and estrogen free diets/ways of life. I am part of the fibro bit of this site and was told off for posting personal or ANY private - including age, of myself. So got my hands smaked. But thanks. Sue


Hi Sue oh dear , can't see the problem with saying your age , as we are all affected differently with whether you are 16 or 60 , oh well hope you can find some helpfull advice from the site Helen


HI Helen, I hope so, as the doctor just left me with nothing at all. Sue


If you are looking for options on what to do next your doctor should have told you, Its all contreception really, pills, sprays, injections and coils. I have a mirena coil in,at the minute but tried the microgynon and yasmin pills and injection with no help, now I have had the coil in since the 5th and still cramping terribly and bleeding but we are hoping it clears up and fixes me. I hope you find something that works

Alex xxxxx


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