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Has anyone had endometriosis growing in their legs?

Hi everyone,

I had a quad biking accident with left me with scar tissue on my lower right leg. The orthopedic department have kept hitting a brick wall for 9 months when i suggested it could me endo. Has anyone heard of or had this so i can go with a little something to back my thoughts up.


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I have endo, don't ask how advanced because no one has told me. I had a lap nearly 2 years ago and they sent me on my way and I left with no follow on appointment etc but the endo has come back, but I also have a new pain as well and it feels like its in my hip and runs down to my knee, the pain is that bad that I can't cross my legs etc my leg has to stay straight and when it's at it's worse I walk with a limp. I haven't been to the doctors about it as I feel like they have no idea, but it's getting worse. I just put up with it. Im not sure if your pain is in the same place but you have my sympathy. I hope you find out and get to the bottom of it x



It sounds to me like you have sciatica, in your hip and leg, I had it when I was pregnant ,it is caused by either a trapped nerve or pressure on the sciatic nerve. As for endo in the leg, I'm not sure , but I do know you can get it around other organs in the body.


Hi Jane,

That sounds really hard :-( I know you haven't been to the docs but it doesn't sound right and if it is getting worse, they might be able to do something to help. You shouldn't have to live with the pain like this. Sadly lots of women with endo are left without follow up - been there myself. Eventually I moved to a gynae who is an endometriosis specialist and he has helped me so much. If you can face seeing your GP and trying to get some help, it might be worth seeing an endo specialist. So sorry things are bad. Take care and hope things improve for you xxx



I haven't had endo growing in my legs but have had it affecting my legs - firstly when I had bowel endo which can give you horrible leg pain, and secondly when I developed lymphoedema in my leg (possibly as a complication to surgery but nobody knows). Endo does grow in scar tissue and it can grow in most places - might be worth visiting an endo specialist at a tertiary referral centre? I can post more about this if it might be useful. Good luck and take care xxx


I had heard of another endo sufferer who had endo in her leg sorry i cant help more xx


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