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Great Milk alternative!!

I was avoiding cows milk due to having acne..... so I switched to soya Milk which I started to really prefer.... Then I find outI have endo and realise that the oestrogen in soya that was so good for dealing with my acne is going to make my endo worse potentially so I had to think of something else.....

Rice milk is pure lies... tried it.....

I came accross OAT MILK.... oh my god its lovely and tastes even better with cereal than soya milk or cows milk..... its oats so it just goes better....

it works in tea and coffee although you have to use more of it than milk or soya milk.... just remember to shake it first AND.....

Its good for your heart


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I'm glad you posted this, as I'm always reading about how soya products can actually help endometriosis (and very few articles to the contrary) I know I ate soya products and drank soya milk for years (just out of supossidly healthy choices im not veggie) and have often wondered if this contributed or even caused the Endo.

I'm glad you've found a great alternative that suits you, I may just give it a try!


I have read things about soy making things worse but have found no studies to back this up... here is what Endometriosis UK had to say about it:

"Frequently asked questions

Is the oestrogen in soya products good or bad for endometriosis?

In theory all oestrogen can encourage the growth of endometriosis but that is no reason to avoid soya as it would require very large amounts to have a significant effect."

but Oat milk is so yummy I am sticking with it :D


I wasnt too keen on Oat Milk, so I have Hemp milk. You can get it from Tesco and Waitrose.

But I just wanted to say, the company that does oat milk (cant remember the brand name off hand) has started doing oat cream, so I have that as an alternative to cream in cooking and desserts. It's not too bad.


hemp milk.... sounds odd :s... i'll remember the cream thing for baking/cakes in the future


glad that you tried it and i wasnt keen on oat milk but better with flavour and i have tried it on everything and i did use soya milk and that was my best bet!! for Hemp milk YUK it was absolutely foul!!!! i actually prefer oats but not keen it is a shame really!! i am tolerance to cows milk then i tried lactose free milk which is better for me and i only have it for 1 cup of tea and cereal and that it for the day!!! and also cheese it contains milk too so i cut down the cheese as well and much better for my life!! i had constant diarrhoea every single week last year until i found out it was milk and cheese!! the biggest culprit!!!


sorry to hear about your stomach issues.... x


thanks Crystal_willow!! hope you are feeling ok too? x


I found out I have a dairy intolerance so I tried oat milk but wasn't too keen. The organic rice milk which is vanilla flavoured is very nice on cereal though. I've even made rice pudding with it and it was lovely. x


I always found rice milk way too watery but its great there are so many options!!


Ive been having almond milk, its nicest ive had rice milk was yuck watery and horrible

Anyone found any nice yogurts? Dont want to have soy yogurt and natural yogurts nice on fruit but sometimes I just want a nice little pot of fruity yogurt


i don't really eat fruity yogurt so I'm sorry I can't be more of a help xx


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