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laparoscopy pain

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hi I’m 2 days post, I’m in a lot of pain with my belly button incision it stings and is very painful since I come out of surgery the others are not as bad is this normal ?

12 Replies
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I found the one in my belly button worse than other incisions (possibly due to location) and took longer to heal but as it’s only been 2 days chances are there is still some bruising or swelling coming out

Please keep an eye out for signs of infection tho as I did get an infection after my second lap and it was awful

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Normally I haven’t had an issue, but op 12 days ago, two, inc belly button got infected and so itchy. Pain is normal because of bruising and all the poking around.

If you think there is infection it’s important not to leave it. Did they put dressings on the incisions?

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It can be normal, I had mine 5 weeks ago, i am also a nurse. It will probably be your more painful incision, it has to do with the location and the need to cut through the muscle. But if it doesn't settle and you are concerned maybe just check with your hospital or gp. Hope this helps! Get well soon

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Hooplove00 in reply to Arocha13

may I ask what week 3 was like for you?

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Arocha13 in reply to Hooplove00

Was still uncomfortable and bloated. Being bloated can last for up to 6 weeks. Your recovery will also have to do to how much it has been done inside you and how well you're coping with pain. Mobilise as much as you can it will help you...emotionally it will also feel that you've been hit by a bus. Xx

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Hooplove00 in reply to Arocha13

thank you so much!

Not doing so well with pain, but they are already wanting to wing me off of pain meds, and start treating for chronic pain. My GP thinks it’s a bit too soon, given how much work I had done. You are spot on about the emotions 😭 due for my cycle any day now, too. Just glad that I’m not alone. Was starting to feel crazy!

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This is normal please don't worry give it time you have only just had this done , be kind to yourself and rest

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Obviously check it's not infected but my belly button one was deffo the worst in terms of pain. My nurse also said to use a separate small towel to dry them after shower rather than your normal one to help prevent infection.

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Hey Jsrzb - from what I've read and been told at my pre-op, this can be totally normal. I know the kind comments on here are saying the same thing but I didn't want to just read and run, so I hope if more people say the same thing, it might give you peace of mind.

Of course look out for signs of infection, but given it's been such a short space of time, I'd expect pain. My pre-op nurse told me to expect pain and tenderness for atleast 7 days, and that some people are in pain for up to a month (not trying to scare you, but just realistic management).

Like others have said, get lots of rest! And listen to you body. Only you know you best.

Every body is different, so there's no simple right or wrong answer.

Take care & sending lots of wishes of speedy recovery xx

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It is completely normal to still experience pain 2 days after- it is still so so early! I hope that reassures you! I have had two very extensive surgeries with bowel surgeons etc and so like to think I know from experience ahha! Hope you have a speedy recovery!!

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I read that Aloe Vera helps, tried it and it did ease the stinging and redness. Of course need to check for infection but my belly button was the last to heal, a good few weeks after the other incisions. Hope it eases for you soon xx

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Hi, I am 4 days post op and my belly button incision is very painful too

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