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Endo diet help

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Hi,I wondered if people found diet changes helpful in managing endometriosis/adenomyosis . If so can you recommend where to find reliable information?

Also have you found any supplements useful?


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Hi there, I am still awaiting a diagnosis so I don't have confirmed Endo but have lots of the symptoms. The Endo belly coach on Instagram is a brilliant site. I have cut out dairy, gluten and caffeine, as much as possible. I also take Flaxseed oil capsules as Omega 3,6 and 9 as I'm veggie. I drink raspberry leaf tea, as this helps with pelvic pain. I also take peppermint capsules for the bowel issues and drink peppermint tea before bed. I do think it is helping a bit xx

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Henrietta Norton’s book How to take control of your Endometriosis is an excellent starting place. She’s an EndoWarrior and nutritionalist. This book gives a broad spectrum of stuff to do that’s natural if you have time or budget. It’s a good solid book. There are some food bits in it. Which I haven’t used. I imagine they’re good.

I used her supplements Endo Complex and get them on subscription to make a saving. They’re expensive but quality.

Jessica Duffin Endo Belly Coach is awesome but it was the time and expense which stopped me dead.

I am moving towards The Medical Medium approach….but he’s very out there but very cutting edge for general health. Years ahead of his time.

Hope something is of use and you get to feeling better soon x

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Treacle79 in reply to 635703

Thank you so much

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yes! So I wasn’t told anything about diet. We had a conversation about treatment, including surgery and I selected surgery. But it was such a shock to me that I was actually I’ll (because that’s something that happens to other people 😂) that I started with exercise and diet and not only do I now have no pain, they’ve cancelled the surgery. They’re managing with hormones and another mri to make sure it’s not progressing silently. Defo worth a try!

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Shuggy11 in reply to Mcyizml2

hi, thanks for such a great post! Can I ask which hormones you are being prescribed?

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Mcyizml2 in reply to Shuggy11

just the merina coil …

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Treacle79 in reply to Mcyizml2

I'm going to have this again when I have my laparoscopy

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I should add that I didn’t do any research or follow any weird rules like only alkaline food. I just started exercising 3+ times a week on a peleton or at the gym, cut out rubbish, cut back on alcohol and now and again had a few goes at cutting back cals by eating healthy stuff (not consistently, I’m only good for a few day!).

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Hi - I have been reading Heal Endo, which is so helpful/insightful. As well as a book called The Happy Skin Solution. I'm reading the skin book to help with acne, BUT because the book is focussed on gut health & reducing inflammation, I have found the changes to have massively helped with my other symptoms. Reducing inflammatory foods, increasing anti-inflammatory foods, as well as food choices that help balance hormones are the main focus.


My fav go to for guidance on endo diet and a sensible way of managing it across the board is by Katie Edmonds. Heal Endo available on Amazon. Based on double blind studies her knowledge overall is wide ranging

Recent research by Stephen Palmer from Baylor College on “ Leveraging the immune system in treating endometriosis “ offers a view of the disease being inflammatory and autoimmune. Which means opting for non inflammatory type diet that is tailored to you is key. Most peeps are low in Omega 3 ( and sorry to say the vegan or veggie versions just aren’t the same as far as the body’s system is concerned the EPA /DHA ratios aren’t as they need to be ) and it’s proposed that too much Omega 6&9 already in the diet in ample amounts may well be fuelling the inflammation in endo etc. You certainly need Omega 3 in adequate amounts to heal the leaky gut tissue that’s a big part of the inflammatory issue. It’s been a big part of pain relief etc for me. I also find the supplements Reservatoral and Quercitin essential- double blinds on all of these and I now understand that they help suppress the JAK inflammatory pathways that are key to Stephan Palmers work. I know I can’t get sufficient of any of these in my diet even if I tried to provide a high enough dose.

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I have adenomyosis and still awaiting confirmation on whether endo is also present or not, but I have found being gluten and dairy free has benefited me and also recently noticed a link to eating lots of sugar and increased pain. Since I stopped eating high sugar foods, the flare up I was experiencing subsided a lot. So I think those are the main changes that had an impact on me, I also stick to a mostly low FODMAP diet so as not to irritate my gut too much which can flare my symptoms. The Monash website is really helpful for explaining which foods to limit or avoid with this, and I also found it helpful in that you can pinpoint exactly which foods are irritating you. It's pretty tricky to stick to when eating out or trying to find a quick meal in the shops, but I think the benefits make it worth the hassle.

In terms of supplements, I am yet to try it but I've read some good research on curcumin which is found in turmeric supplements on reducing inflammation, so I'll probably move onto this next. And I take opticbac high strength probiotics.

Hoping things improve for you xx

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Treacle79 in reply to oceandaisies

Thank you. I've also read turmeric to be beneficial

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Thank you for all your comments. I will definitely look into your helpful links 🙂

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I read a lot about endo diet and did an elimination type diet where I cut out anything that’s seen as containing natural oestrogen, as well as caffiene and cows milk and slowly reintroduced things. I found caffiene, cows milk, thyme, peanuts, soya to be my main issues. And not binging on sweets/chocolate, cheese and booze greatly helps!

Supplement wise, evening primrose oil, tumeric, a good pre and pro biotic and vitamin d.

I have read an article today that described post biotics as being anti inflammatory but it’s a newer concept so the existing supplements haven’t had rigorous testing as of yet!

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I started out with 'Endo - A key to Healing through Nutrition' by Dian Shepperson Mills. I personally found making changes to my diet and following more of an anti-inflammatory diet, taking supplements and managing stress makes a big difference to my symptoms.

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