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Endometriosis and rosacea

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Hello, I spoke to a pharmacist yesterday about a rash that I have across both cheeks which has been inflammed for a few months. He thought the rash looked like rosacea and told me to get in touch with my GP. I just wanted to know if rosacea is common with endometriosis? Thanks for your help

15 Replies
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I have both Endometriosis and rosacea! From what I’ve looked up and been told there is no association however they are both inflammatory conditions and I’ve recently read that people with endo suffer more with skin problems such as eczema etc. Currently getting BBL treatment for my rosacea after the isotretinoin course I had :)

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LDee2022 in reply to Tigerlily5

Ahhh that's great to know, thank you! Hope your treatment works 😊

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Tigerlily5 in reply to LDee2022

Thankyou it’s better than it was but will always be working progress (even with BBL you need to keep it up as it does keep coming back). I’ve also had mine for a very long time (years before I got the mirena coil) but I have always been on some form of contraception such as the pill/ implant. I’m convinced there’s a link between the two x

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LDee2022 in reply to Tigerlily5

It sounds like there definitely could be a link!

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Hard to say they are both meant to be auto immune conditions. I have both but I went to the dermatologist and he said it often comes on when you take progesterone like Mirena coil or Pop pill so perhaps it's taht rather than the endo ?

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LDee2022 in reply to Avourneen

Oooh ok, good to know. I have got the mirena coil so I might mention this to my GP. Thank you!

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Worth looking at a Lupus rash to see if it is similar and perhaps ask for investigations along that route?I get a red pigmentation on my chin which I think is hormonal but not determined what the cause is or a successful treatment.

Skin changes around perimenopause are common too which is possibly what mine may be.

Hope you get some answers. If it is rosacea then there are lots of over the counter treatment creams you could explore.

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LDee2022 in reply to DDPink

Thank you so much for your help, definitely going to have a conversation with my GP

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Hi, as someone has already mentioned if you are taking progesterone it can cause this as it did for me. As soon as the coil was removed it virtually disappeared

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LDee2022 in reply to EndoViking

I have got the mirena coil and I do feel like my problem started not long after having it fitted. That's really good to know thank you!

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Interesting thread! I have endometriosis. I'm not on any medication, and don't have a coil or anything. I saw my GP last week because for a couple of years now, I've had permanent redness around the bridge of my nose and little spots/bumps on my face that won't go away. I thought I'd picked up a bacterial infection from wearing a mask during Covid but the GP suggested rosacea. I've been prescribed a gel called Acea which is working brilliantly. I also have contact dermatitis on my hands. I'd never thought to make the connection before.

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LDee2022 in reply to Izzy84

Oh really? I suffer with dry chapped skin on my hands too. No matter how much cream I use they still chap. I'm glad the gel is working

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lolokeane in reply to Izzy84

Can I ask, do any of you get hot and flushed amd nauseous with Rosacea? I keep getting flushed face and redness across my cheeks and nose, sometimes forehead. I have endometriosis and am on eltroxin for an underactive thyroid also the ovreena pill. Thank you.

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LDee2022 in reply to lolokeane

I am currently undiagnosed for rosecea it was suggested that it is what my rash is by a pharmacist. I'm waiting for an appointment with my GP. In my case I don't get any nausea or feel flushed. Might be worth chatting to your GP if it persists?

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I too get flareups with my skin and have been diagnosed with Rosecea. It isn't all the time, but I am prescribed Zineryt which I find reallt effective

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