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Endometriosis & skin conditions

Hi there, in the last couple of years on top of my endometriosis, I have been suffering on & off with a rash or skin condition. It is mainly around my neck, chest & down my back. I have raised (sometimes dry) red patches & itching. I have tried eliminating things from my diet to no avail. My gp has been pretty useless so I hope to find an answer. This may not be linked to endo at all but I came out with it at it's worst at the end of my last zoladex treatment so I am convinced that it may be hormone related. These skin symptoms had been significantly reduced until for the last 6 months or so but have come back again. I also wonder if it may be related to sun damage from getting burned after pregnancy whilst still breastfeeding. I heard about hormones affecting skin & releasing meloma. I hope this makes sense. Please can someone advise what may help these symptoms? Thanks

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I don't know but I would say that women with endometriosis develop allergies. Could it be a product you use like perfume or soap? I have uriticaria which is where my skin itches horrifically. I take cetirizine (hay fever tablets) and it makes life liveable. You could try this to see if it is an allergic response? X


I wonder if this is why it has been more bearable earlier this year as I take citirizine for hay fever but had stopped recently. I am conscious to use all natural organic body products & changed nothing recently so it is not any new products I have used. Thanks for your reply.


I know I'm not very scientifically accurate lol but if you're like me your desperate so I thought I'd comment. When you speak to your doctor explain the antihistamines ease it to see if it gets you a diagnosis. I got referred to an allergy clinic and that's how I was diagnosed but all they said was keep taking cetirizine.

I have over time developed allergies to penicillin and cefalaxin. Endo is such a bugger! X


It does sound as though it's hormonally driven. The skin is the largest organ of the body. If the liver is overburdened with toxins the skin is often used as a route for elimination and can result in rashes. I also feel there is a connection between histamine, mast cells and endometriosis so allergies of all types are often present with endo. A properly working digestion is key to good health and when it is not working properly all sorts of problems start to occur. Skin problems are common with compromised digestion and excess oestrogen is not excreted sufficiently.

I used to have a permanent rash at the top of my spine that was sometimes itchy. It was the least of my worries when I had endo and I didn't think much about it. I changed my eating strategy for the endo and was very strict about it. I cut out gluten and dairy (the most common allergens and inflammatory foods) and I also avoided red meat and caffeine. Alcohol consumption reduced to an occasional glass of red wine and I eat plenty of veg. Before my morning shower I do dry skin brushing

and after my shower I apply magnesium oil betteryou.com/magnesium-oil... followed by coconut oil or Mahanarayan oil all over. ayurvedapura.com/shop/massa... I also used Calendula cream which is excellent for scars and skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. lyonsleaf.co.uk/calendula-c... Every few days I make a face and body scrub and exfoliate. This is made from ingredients in my kitchen with no added perfumes or chemicals dabblesandbabbles.com/oatme...

Another thing that would help is taking a fermented food every day like sauerkraut ( must be unpastuerised, very cheap to make) or kefir to help heal your digestion. Also homemade chicken stock.

I even make my own laundry detergent to avoid harsher oestrogenic chemicals bexzwalker.co.uk/?s=laundry Detergent, soaps and perfumes often cause rashes. I use Dr. Bronner's liquid castille soap for showering etc.

My skin is now lovely and smooth all over and the rash at the top of my spine has completely gone. My choice is not to take a drug to quash a symptom but instead get to the root of a symptom and address that instead. I can only tell what I did for my situation and everybody is different. I encourage you to do your own research and find what works best for you. All of the above is beneficial not just for a rash but overall health and other conditions such as endo. Many illnesses have the same factors involved.


Now I've noticed that when my endo was bad (and is has resurfaced again) I get very weird red patches (similar to eczema) at the top of my legs and around my pelvis; the more prominent it is, the worse my endo is (or vice versa).

Interestingly, soon after my hysterectomy/oophorectomy in 2004, the patches disappeared almost completely and stayed away until the pain began to return along with other symptoms in about 2010; now again, the redness is almost all the way down my inner thighs just as I'm practically immobile from the pain....never found any evidence that indicated it was linked but I'm convinced there is one..


I am super careful of what I use on my skin mostly tropic skincare which is all natural & organic & I use eco eggs for my clothes waging now. I am sure it is hormone/ending related as only seems to flare up when I am bad with it. I am due exacision surgery soon so will report back after that. I will try the dry brushing in the interim. I have the brush just not the inclination!


I have been wondering the same thing!! My skin has started to improve since using aqueous cream as a shower gel and then moisterising with it after. You can buy massive tubs of the stuff for a pound in savers shops. I carry it with me everywhere so look a tad weird but I swear by the stuff now!


Did you ever get to the bottom of this please, as I am experiencing the same now my endometriosis is returning after being suppressed


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