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Mirena Coil

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Third surgery done and dusted 💪🏻,

They managed to find that the adhesions had caused my left ovary to be attached to my bladder and bowels. They burned all the adhesions out and put my ovary back where it needed to be 😅.

My endo was also taken out and sent for another biopsy so waiting a few weeks on that🤞🏻.

They also put in the mirena coil and was just wondering if anyone could give me any tips on what to expect early on… any symptoms or pain they had?

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My experience with the coil has only been positive. I know it doesn’t agree with everyone but it’s been life changing for me. Personally it took about a month to settle with some discomfort and pain and my first period after was quite bad but then everything improved very quickly and within a few months all of the pain and all bleeding stopped. I’m now on my third coil and it was the best decision for me after years of pain and several laparoscopy’s. Good luck with your recovery and I hope it works well for you. x

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