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smoke smell

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I was wondering if anyone had the Mirena Coil & had a smoke smell since?

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Hi what do you mean about smell of smoke after mirena coil? I'm just wondering as planning to get that after baby born.

It’s just I’ve had the mirena coil since 2020, I’m not the only person we get a smoke smell like almost constantly smelling smoke like fags kinda thing (no one smokes)

By any chance is there a possibility you could be pregnant? Me and my partner started getting that smell and I didnt know I was pregnant?. Or the only other thing I can think of is your hormones is sky high which is making u have these smells.

Hi, I used to have the same experience at the beginning like for a month, and top of that a terrible taste in my mouth. It went away tho.

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Honestly I got it done September 2020 I believe and had the issue since. Same as my mum who got it couple months later.

Hi , I haven’t got the mirena coil , but I smell a tobacco like smell a lot 🤷🏽‍♀️Strange ! I’m waiting for laparoscopy to confirm endometriosis seen on Mri ,so I just put it down to hormones 🤷🏽‍♀️😅x

Yeah I’ve had it since September 2020, I had a laparoscopy procedure 14th June this year (confirmed endometriosis) so I literally have no clue. My mum has it too (mirena coil not endo) just wondering is all

That’s so weird, I’m on Zoladex (among other things) and feel like my whole house smells of stale cigarettes! We don’t smoke and my mother, who’s staying with us, hasn’t commented on it. It’s never occurred to me that it could be me… 🤔

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What is zoladex if you don’t mind me asking?

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Moonglo in reply to LollieRose25

Not at all. It’s an implant that’s injected in your tummy that effectively stops your period. It’s a type of ‘GnRH analogue’ that stops production of oestrogen. People have mixed reactions on it, personally I’ve found it enormously helpful. The endo UK website has more info on all treatments if you’re interested (it’s under Hormones):

This made me smile. I am an acupuncturist and diagnosis is investigating which meridians are being stressed and out of balance . Every meridian belongs to a group such as Water, Earth, Fire , Wood etc and every group has an identifying odour that gets more or less pronounced the more out of balance you get. These are very specific. It’s not as whacky as it might sound - GP’s used to recognise the smell of certain diseases as being a diagnostic flag with things like TB or kidney disease for the longest time although it’s not used today. The smell of smoke is certainly an indication of the change both to hormones but also to the adaptive response of the Fire channels to the treatments. I used to have a patient who after treatment would drive home and he and his wife repeatedly stopped their car convinced that there was a fire somewhere in the vehicle, eventually he told me and we worked out it was his strong response to treatment.

So what would I need to do?

Find a good 5 Element Acupuncturist near you. The BAC register ought to be able to help . Plenty of water (2-3 litres is what I do ) and as ever supporting the liver to clear out by products of meds and excess hormones is always a positive . I use Milk Thistle extract daily to help mine but you’d need to check out whether it’s suitable for you. Some peeps use dandelion too.

Some nutritionists associate variation/loss of smell as possible indicator of poor zinc status. Zinc is important for the immune system and if it’s low then that can add to things Zinc levels are often low if you take the pill/HRT too . Always check whether it’s relevant rather than just self dosing as it can put other nutrients out of whack. Often it’s in multi min/vit mixes which is pretty useless as it’s absorbed at night at much greater levels than if taken early in the day ( aren’t our bodies amazing !) Eating oysters then is clearly the answer at night 😂…. There are taste tests for it - where you take a bit of a prepped solution of zinc and if it tastes disgusting and furry in the mouth your levels are cool 😎 but low levels it will taste of nothing but water. Cracking stuff and the human body never fails to be curious.

I’d always check with a professional and perhaps also talk to the GP - letting them know what your considering is always important.

Prepped solution? Where do I find that or how do I do it

You might be able to source one online. Zinc Taste Test. Any good nutritional practitioner should carry one for their clients.

Will DM you

I've had the smoke smell since I got Covid in 2021 (it's called phantosmia) my gp said a lot of people have reported it as a side effect and no idea if it will ever go away. I've just had the mirena coil fitted and it hasn't changed how often, where or when I smell it. I also had endometriosis removed 4 weeks ago.

I had covid in April this year and I’ve had the smoke smell prior. It’s just weird but since covid it’s become stronger to the point where I wake up during the night choking on it

Probably wouldn't hurt to try and contact your gp just for a telephone consult to discuss it if you can get through

When my mum got contacted they couldn’t find anything wrong

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