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NHS waiting times

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I'm new to this :)

I've been waiting for a referral scan letter for almost seven weeks now, my doctor said should shouldn't more than five weeks for the letter and a few weeks for the scan. I still haven't heard anything from anyone.

How long did it take for everyone else?? and how long did it take till you talked to your GP about the results??


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I should imagine it's a longer process because of covid.

Can you find out the number of the hospital so you can chase it up?

Its all such a waiting game isn't it x

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Iszabella in reply to Heartof3

It feels like the longest wait, they haven’t told me which hospital it will be at. It could be one of two near me I’ll only find out when I get the letter X

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Heartof3 in reply to Iszabella

So long isn't it 😔 Can you call your doctors and ask if they can chase it up ? X

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Iszabella in reply to Heartof3

I went to the doctors on Friday to get checked up and when I asked they said it’s a matter of waiting and they would try and push it, that may still take weeks x

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Heartof3 in reply to Iszabella

So crap waiting around in pain 😖 bless u

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Iszabella in reply to Heartof3

Thanks 😔☺️Just not told enough by the doctors, hopefully won’t be much longer

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Heartof3 in reply to Iszabella

I no 😏 all guess work isn't it x

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AlexaMac in reply to Heartof3

hi l had my first post menopausal bleed (l am 74) just before Christmas and today am having my second Gynea out patients appointment to discuss lap surgery l have a 9cm cyst on one ovary which is bleeding like a period but not painful. Will come back tomorrow with update, take care 🤗

Hi Iszabella

My consultant (who I ended up seeing privately) told me the NHS waiting list for a laparoscopy was 6-8 months even thought the NHS waitlist team told me 3 months. I know you are asking about a scan and not a laparoscopy but, the waitlist could be just as long for that too sadly.

Hope you get your appointment asap x

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Iszabella in reply to Judy92

Thank you x

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Jane884 in reply to Judy92

I just has a diagnostic laparoscopy on the NHS, I'd waited just under 3 months, but obviously it can vary with location.

This probably isn’t much help but I decided to go private for my scan. I rang up a fancy endo clinic and just booked in a scan and consult with them, then they will send the results of the scan back to my nhs gp… then I can decide (if a hysterectomy is needed), whether to go nhs or private. Most private clinics cost a fair amount but a lot of them offer interest free payments, which is probably what I will do. Just can’t wait 6-8 months with this. My appt can be any time I like as well which is the best part.

Hi last year I was stuck on a waiting list and told that they couldn't tell me how long it would be as they stopped all appointments during COVID so there was a really long list. Unfortunately I had to go private in the end which still hasn't worked out ideal. I hope you don't have to wait much longer, it so horrible the waiting.

Hi Iszabella. If you know which hospital or clinic you have been referred to you can call and ask to speak to the ultrasound or imaging team. You might get through to their admin who should be able to confirm they have received your referral and what the likely wait will be. You can always politely indicate you are in a lot of pain and would be willing to take a cancellation at short notice if they have any.

Hi it don’t know your situation but I ended up in hospital with the endo flare up I have been waiting for a year to get my lap done all I do is keep getting pain relief take hormonal pills to control my period they no one who actually cares to be honest I had to leave my job of 8 years because I just can’t cope 2 weeks when I be on my periods I can’t move !! I only left 3 weeks ago jobcentre already pushing me into working called up gp called up gyno still no appointment

Hey, sorry I’m not coming with more positive news but my GP referred me last May and I’m still waiting for an appointment. Like the others, I’ve been considering going private x

Hi, not sure if this is helpful or not. My GP wrote a referral letter for me to see a private endo consultant, just for a consultation, not surgery. I asked for a copy of the letter and I then sent that myself to the clinic asking for an appt. Having a copy of the letter made things quicker cos I could send it direct to the right person. It didn’t take long to get an appt, couple of months, but that was private. With NHS I was looking at at least 8 months. It’s rubbish really but the only way to get any where seems to be taking things into your own hands and phoning and emailing regularly to get something done. I hope you can get things sorted soon

I was referred to gyne via NHS in May 2021, and received an appointment last week for the initial consultation!

Luckily, I had the opportunity to go private in the meantime - as I dread to think how long the wait for treatment is!

I remember waiting months for a scan, after waiting months for the first phone gyno appointment. I've been accepted for a lap and waiting for that 1yr and 2months counting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I knew it wasnt good when my letter from the gyno actually said 'there will be a significant delay due to covid'. (I'm having the same delay for kidney stone removal procedure. Told it was marked as urgent and would be around 6 weeks time. 4 months later... no word.) Been stuck on painkillers and the pill, stuck at home always in discomfort! The NHS is seriously struggling. I wish private was an option for me. Take it if you can

I was referred to a specialist endo centre for urgent total lap hysterectomy and stage 4 endo excision. I went on the list in Jan 2020 and I'm still waiting for the surgery. 2 years wait so far thanks to Covid.

Hello Izabella. You have my sympathy, I have an injection in my spine every year as I have 6 crumbling vertebrae or that's how the consultant described it, the doctor wrote to my consultant last year as I missed that injection due to covid, he also sent him an urgent email in December. I have not even had a letter or call to say they have received the request. We, like you, realise the pandemic has intervened but just an acknowledge saying that there will be a delay would be nice. I am sure if you are in pain like me the delay is a nightmare. Hope you hear before too long

Last year I waited 8 weeks for an abdominal ultrasound through the NHS. I just had a diagnostic laparoscopy on the NHS, I'd waited just under 3 months for. However, I waited 6 months for an initial consultation with a gyne before that. I just had an appointment through for a transvaginal ultrasound and only have to wait 3 weeks for that. It seems to vary, but scans seem to have less wait times than proceedures and consultant appointments in my experience over the last year. Hope you get sorted fast.


Finally got my appointment after pushing and pushing for months and its only in 2 weeks


They have told me there nothing wrong with me, Despite telling the doctors that I'm in pain everyday and that the ultrasound probe was hurting me, that I have painful long periods and a lump was found. Apparently there's still nothing wrong.

Feel so let down


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