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Constant pain

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Hi everyone I’m just waiting for my larproscopy to remove endo scar tissue but I’m in pain all the time. I’m taking mefenamic acid and codeine every single day to function but can still feel the pain. Even doing every day things are a massive chore some days and trying to get through a shift at work is a daily torture ☹️! Does anyone have any alternative pain management techniques that have really helped?

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Epsom salt baths help me, do you take magnesium? That can help with pain, be careful with codeine it’s highly addictive, trust I’m just off it after 8 years xx

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SK2021 in reply to Vps1980

Hi thanks for responding! I hate taking the codeine honestly it makes me feel really nauseous all the time. Ooh no don’t take magnesium will have a look in to that thank you xxx

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Vps1980 in reply to SK2021

No worries glycinate is the best, for pain and sleep and gentle on your tummy xx

The thing that works best for me is heat! Hot baths, and heat pads (not hot water bottles). I’d honestly lay in the bath forever if I could! Magnesium salts in the bath also help.

I also have a tens machine which does help, not completely to take the pain away but it works different for everyone and I got mine for about £25 so you don’t need to spend a fortune.

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Thank you I think I’m going to invest in a tens machine as a few people have recommended xx


I'm sorry you are experiencing such horrible pain. It is an awful thing no one should have to endure.

First off, if your meds are not working you should discuss this with your GP. Codeine is known for causing constipation which can also cause issues, sonifnit isn't working it may be time to try something else.

In respect of non-medicstion cooing options use the following:

-Microwave heat bags. I prefer flaxseen ones and have sorted shapes that I buy via Etsy. The seller I use also makes me cases for them so I can wash the covers as I use them repeatedly most days. Some people prefer hot water bottles or heating pads. I like the bags because I can fit them to the curves of my body and the flaxseed is comfy and retains heat well.

-A tens machine. Mine is from Lloyds pharmacy and was about £20. It is a two wire one, so can be used with/on two our four patches/sites (which I recommend). It took some patience to find which program works best for me, and where to.stick the pads for the most relief. I find even a couple mm can make a big difference, so don't be afraid to play around. You can keep adjusting the pads as much as you need - just make sure the tens machin is off while you are adjusting them. It runs Inna timer so will automatically shut off if I fall asleep wearing it. Replacement pads are.cheapest purchased online, in bulk.

If you are up to it Info find short periods of 10-15 minute stretching /yoga that targets my painnareas does help. The muses around the pain sites tighten in response to the pain and it helps to relax them which can actually help. However, if you are not able to do this without causing more pain just keep innon the shelf for the days you can manage it.

I spent some time trying out apps designed at relaxation and sleep as pain cannkeep me awake, or wake me up. Through trial and error I found the calm app works best for me. It was less than £30 a year (but I tried it out Inna free trial first!) and has sleep stories by a variety of narrators, led meditations, stretching and yoga videos, informative mini audio 'classes' for a variety of things which includes a pain management one, music, breathing exercises, etc. They are often adding to it as well. It has made a huge difference for me and I've gone from someone who didn't find any benefit Inna lot of these things to something clicking and Innow utilise the app most days. There are lots of different ones out there so try some free trials and she what works for you.

Distraction. Often TV shows (especially new ones), films and books require more concentration then I can give due to the pain I'm in. Sometimes a familiar feel good rerun can be helpful. Sometimes it is a matter of multitasking many little inconsequential things to basically give my brain too many things to follow at once and still focus on pain. Sometimes just short timed games on my phone help, especially easy to follow things like matching games. Something that require instinctive play rather than complicated thinking.

Having someone removed from the situation to talk to. This can be a friend, a fellow chronic pain sufferer/group, a professional - it depends who you are most comfortable with. It is about having someone who can listen and sympathise without judgement or being directly impacted about It needs to be someone who believes you about what you are feeling and going through. If it is someone that helps care for you, lives with you, or is impacted by your condition they are not a good choice. You need to be able to vent without worrying you will hurt their feelings or that it will come back to bite you down the road. Chronic pain and lack of quality sleep (as a result) wear a person down. It will impact your patience, your thought process, your ability to cope, and more. The person you speak to needs to be able to let you vent without having a reason to feel attacked or defensive. They also have to realise needing to vent isn't the same as wanting advice.

Have you spoken to your GP about being referred to a pain clinic? They may be able to suggest options that may help.

Some find relief with acupunture, targeted massages, treatments with aromatherapy. However, these are all alternative therapies and maybnkt be covered by your NHS services and therefore can be costly.

Hopefully something here wil help. I wish you luck in finding what works best for you.

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SK2021 in reply to Missy100

Hi thank you so much for your response.

I will try all of the above particularly the tens machine if you recommend it. I think I’m just fed up of the daily struggle of living with endo it’s so hard physically and emotionally. I will also get in touch with my gp to be referred to a pain clinic. Your advice has been really helpful thank you again xx

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Perla19 in reply to Missy100

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to share all this - super useful tips! I’d echo what you say about distraction and finding fairly mindless things to occupy your brain - Candy Crush game has helped me quite a lot over the years - the power of distraction is often underestimated I think! I am going to try the Calm app x

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