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Stitches from laproscopy

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Hello all.

I had a laproscopy almost 3 weeks ago. Just wondered how long did it take for stitches start to dissolve? Although I've been having gentle showers/washes I am absolutely in need of a soak in the bath and I dare not as I'm worried maybe too soon and don't want to cause any problems. My stitches don't seem to be dissolving (that's if they are dissolvable ha ha).

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Yes they can take a while, I am sure mine took longer than 3 weeks. They will just suddenly fall out, take it easy x

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Thank you... I'm.just sooooo impatient!x

Hello, I was told

Not to have a bath and just showers and when drying pat that area dry. I had my op two weeks ago and my stitches are still long and sturdy!!! Apparently they just disappear one day haha my friend had hers for weeks

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Thank you... mine are too... do you still wear the dressings? Or let air get them? X

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Loveheart6 in reply to Avalonlea

I was told to change my dressing after 2 days with the ones she gave me then leave that on until it was a week after my op. Since then I’ve had them off and just pay them after a shower. I had to put a little gauze pad and use some medical tape over it and put it over my left side wound because the stitches would rub on my clothes. That helped tho. X

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Thank you that's the same as I, I've been changing them. but I get so worried about not having any covering and catching x

Hey, I had mine in March and the incisions healed but the stitch in my belly button took about 7 weeks to go. My consultant said that was the norm.

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Avalonlea in reply to SS10

Arghhhhh 7 weeks my gosh... right I can do this ha ha! Thank you x

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SS10 in reply to Avalonlea

Lol! One day they’ll be there, me next, gone!!! Just keep it cleans and don’t worry, I panicked but was told it was fine, and all healed now, x

Hi! I’m 3 weeks post op too! On my first laparoscopy they took literally ages to go - I even went back to the doctor to check they were actually dissolvable because it had been so long - over 6 weeks. Eventually the threads kind of just dropped off as the skin was fully healed underneath. Xx

Gosh that's me I keep checking and thinking 'are these dissolvable?' Hope you are ok!x

Hi, I had my op almost three weeks ago. I had to visit the nurse for another reason and she said mine were tight and took them out. They’re healing much quicker now and they don’t pull like they were. If they’re uncomfortable maybe get them checked? The nurse told me they only needed to be in for a week or so if healing ok.

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Ahh I'm glad you got them sorted and you are healing better! I'll keep a check see how this week goes. They seem to be healing fine... I'm just really wanting a long long soak in the bath!! x

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Tootoo in reply to Avalonlea

I had a bath (deep one) after a week. I love my baths!! I didn’t soak them and dried thoroughly after.

Hi Avonlea, I had my first laparoscopy near the end of April. I waited until about 6 weeks after until I had a bath. I think the hot water helps to dissolve the stitches though. It’s 7 1/2 now and I still have very small scabs or remains of stitches. But I think they might have gone quicker if I could have had baths instead of showers. I’ve just put little plasters over to stop them catching in anything. Mine are healed now apart from that and I feel more back to normal. 🙂

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Avalonlea in reply to R2D2-

Thank you. My stitches are still here (5th week), I've had a bath, but to be honest I'll stick to shower for now (totally forgot about using stomach muscles for getting in/out of the bath) 😆. Glad you are feeling a lot better 😊

Hi Avalonlea,

Mine took around a few weeks. I had a lovely warm bath just splash water onto stitches gently they will desolved don't worry. Amanda

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Avalonlea in reply to Jude07-

Thank you 😊

Mine were taking sooo long and one eventually became infected (bikini line site) as the male gynae did that one awfully and I have a belly so it was pulling constantly. So the nurse at the gp cut them off after three weeks to help infection healing as internally they’ll have healed significantly faster. She left two of the others still and it took maybe six weeks to drop off and the other she trimmed as she said the knot was so chunky it wouldn’t have dissolved. Basically they’re totally fine not dropping off but you don’t want to pull or catch then and if any sign of infection even weeks post op just see the nurse and they can trim them if needed but otherwise they’re fine. I did have some Epsom salt baths to soak on their advice after 3 weeks before the infected one was trimmed so it’s obviously not a problem to do that. Hope that helps

Thank you, they're still there (5th week) but appear to be ok. I hope that you are well 🙂

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