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Has anyone found HRT a problem while on pro stap injections?

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Hi Ive had endometriosis for years now, been operated on twice but now they’ve put me on the pro stap injections, which was going well untill they introduced me to HRT! I was on it for two months and had to come off it as I felt a huge change n my mood! Constantly tired, no motivation, and very low mood, no energy or motivation! Has anyone else felt this? And is there any herbal remedies I could take to help my mood? I’m guessing it’s the HRT leaving my system? I feel so numb almost like I’m not here! I’m hoping this is normal until it’s out my body! Please someone tell me I’m not going crazy!! Thanks x

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I had a very low mood while on prostap a year ago but wasn't given HRT. Currently doing another course of prostap with HRT and I found its helped with menopause symptoms especially low mood. I thought I was going mad the first time round, total personality transplant!! Hope you start to feel an improvement soon. Are you still on prostap or did you stop that as well?

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I’m still on the pro-stap yes, the HRT did help the menopause symptoms like the hot flushes but not the low mood! I’d rather have a hot flush then be depressed! I’m glad to hear your doing well on it though, I guess everyone is just different. Thanks for replying x

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Wouldn't exactly say I'm doing well.....this time it's put endo symptoms in over drive but no menopausal symptoms. Like you said everyone is different and looks like every time is different. Take care

Have you tried any other HRT? I found that tablet form HRT gave me horrible effects too but I now have a patch and it’s 100% better x

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Hi what patch do you have please? No I haven’t tried anything else yet, just taken calcium at the moment, as doctor said that’s one of the reasons we’re put on HRT to stop us getting osproros. But my mood is so flat! I’ve seen a couple of people say evening primrose is good? X

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b_bart88 in reply to Victorip

Sorry for a very late reply! HRT means you can stay on the injections longer too as it protects you like you say so if the injections are helping then I’d defs try and sort the HRT side.

I have evorel 50 patches which I change twice a week - they are oestrogen only and then I have a coil which gives the progesterone too. I really find it’s an amazing combination and I feel like a new woman. You can get HRT patches with both oestrogen and progesterone in but I wanted a contraceptive so we went for the combo approach x

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