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Has anybody had to give up a job that they love due to endo?


I am struggling with the long hours of health and social care. The impact it is having physically resorts to sickness regularly

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Hello yeah I totally get it. I struggle with anything to do with manual lifting or heavy items, it causes so much pain. You work can make adjustments for you if you feel you could do your work but working less hours. However like you I can no longer do certain jobs x

Thank you for replying. I’ve done this job for over ten years and right now like you, the manual lift and moving is taking a huge toll physically. I have arranged a welfare meeting with work tomorrow it’s time for change xx

I hope they are understanding. It’s a shame this illness takes away so much like working or going out to see friends and having to cancel due to pain x

I had to give up my job 12months ago because of sickness due to endo.....still unable to work

Jodes-2018 in reply to plotments

Endo knows how to kick us when we’re down doesn’t it? I hope you’re ok though, this is what I’m in fear of the most at the moment

plotments in reply to Jodes-2018

Good luck for tomorrow I hope you manage to sort something outI'm not in a good place at the moment but have lots of support from family and friends so I'm thankful for that

take care

Hey, I’m currently trying to work out what to do about work. I’m a teacher and have had lots of time off because of endo. I can’t afford to quit my job but I’m at the stage now where it’s not possible to carry on working.

Jodes-2018 in reply to EndoG

I relate, it’s either stop working or, see if they can adapt. Endo has a lot to answer for doesn’t it? Can I just say I know we’re all in sticky situations however, finding this site and finding people that are going through similar struggles to me has formed a sense of strange relief. I hope you’re ok x

EndoG in reply to Jodes-2018

It’s a really horrible situation to be in, especially with jobs that aren’t easily adaptable. I’m CEV and have a meeting today because my work have said I need to come in or be on sick leave, as I can’t do my job from home. Think this is the start of a bad financial situation and a lot of self esteem/worth issues! I’m also really grateful for this site, it makes it a lot easier knowing I’m not going through this alone and not the first person to have these problems.

Feel free to private message me if you need to chat and good luck with the welfare meeting xx

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