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Migraines 🥺


Hey everyone do any of you lovley ladies experience hormonal headakes

There insane and the doctor gives me Betta blockers but I am prone to overdosing so I just use essential oils help massively but yeah just wondering as I get 6 a month and there hella bad also I am on the hormone injection and my estrogen is high it sucks one thing replacing another I used to have bad pain but now I get bad headakes and flare ups of knife dragging pain I am thankful for the injection but oft ouch with these headakes man ? Anyone had anything like it xxx

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I suffer with chronic migraines and have to take medication on a daily basis and then medication if I have one. Before medication I had them most days, it was horrendous.

I went to a migraines specialist which was useful. Vagel nerve stimulation can help but the devices were very expensive (I was fortunate to be part of a trial and get one free of charge it would of been £400 at the time)

I have heard accupuncture can help.

I went to an osteopath, as although they were not linked to muscles / bones we get tense from the stress of them and this has an impact. Going really helped me and I looked forward to it, the neck crack was the best.

What Medication have they given you (if they are yellow and pink in one pack they are likely to make them worse) my specialist hated them, they really set me back.

If you are at risk of over dose can you not get a timer realise table container that is locked and someone else has they key? I had to have this when I had a bi polar episode

abicat1 in reply to Honey_bun

Thank you yeah they just won’t give me it now full stop cause of history

I have hormonal migraines and I actually find taking the pill etc makes them worse I am afraid

abicat1 in reply to Priscilla07

Yeah the injection is making them so bad ! But my normal cycle is hell on earth so 😭😭😭

Hi sweet,

I used to get agonising migraines every couple of weeks & be incapacitated for 2 days each time. It all seemed to coincide with my cycle, but I actually found a weird couple of things that would trigger them...

First was vanilla ice-cream, very strange as I can have vanilla and I can have ice-cream, but if I have them together & I get a blinding migraine within 10 minutes.

Second is sweeteners, aspartame & acesulfame k. I used to grab a Pepsi Max once or twice a week when I was in secondary school, when migraines were happening often. After I left, I stopped the Pepsi Max & the migraines went down hugely. It wasn't until years later that I had a Pepsi Max & got a migraine, then made the same mistake a week later & figured it out. This has happened again years later, so I'm definitely avoiding those sweeteners.

This may or may not be helpful, but if I were you, I'd consider looking at possible triggers - your hormones might make you more sensitive/ susceptible to them - this is purely a guess though & something I've done.

I'd recommend keeping a food, drink, medication & supplements diary & learning what the ingredients are (different brands use different ingredients for the same products). See if you can see a trend & take it from there - share your findings with your GP.

Is your GP aware of your migraines?

Hey yes I found this helpful I was drinking flavoured water and that majior trigged me lol ice cream not so much dono lol but yeah they now want to try me on the second injection you need to do urself still not disgnosed with endo getting very fustrated

I have had quite a few ocular migraines which is where you get an aura in your eye, like a kaleidoscope, then the gargantuan headache. They are scary. I won’t take hormones any more and haven’t for years, because of the stroke risk, family history and I’m just too aware of some very major side effects of most of the chemical hormones they readily dish out, and we put into our bodies. I had acupuncture in desperation for severe endo pain, but COVID put a stop to that before I had chance to discover if it was helping. Haven’t had a migraine for a while (fingers crossed 🤞🏼) but I probably just jinxed that by my reply!

abicat1 in reply to Brambledoggy

Aw not quiet but sorry to here that x

Hey, I get hormonal migraines with aura and they knock me out for days at a time. I was prescribed sumatriptan to take when I feel them coming on. I used to take beta blockers too but they want me to use sumatriptan instead now 🤷🏻‍♀️

Is there somebody who can look after the medication for you and give you the right amount when you need it? Xx

NicolaJM in reply to EndoG

Hi EndoG, sorry to jump on post.. I also suffer from horrific hormonal migraines.. I never had a migraine until I started combined BC - on the pill free week I would get horrific headaches and the GP suggested taking each pack back to back - this worked perfectly. Then in March I had a migraine with aura, I fell asleep in the sun with no sunglasses on and was very dehyrdrated & I think this caused it.. however, as soon as I told my GP this, she told me to stop the pill immediately. Since then for 3 days before my period and 4 days during my period my headaches are terrible, it's making my life a misery.. just checking do Sumatriptan help you, do they take the pain away for a few hours or do you find it stops the migraine altogether? Thank you x

EndoG in reply to NicolaJM

Hey, I’m so sorry you’re going through this too, it’s horrible!

It helps a bit, but doesn’t get rid of them. It also depends how quickly I take them, if it’s straight away then it lessens the pain more, but if I wait 5 mins then it’s less likely to have an impact.

I’ve only just started on them, so will see how it goes for a couple of months 🤞 xx

abicat1 in reply to NicolaJM

Honestly the only thing that helps id doterra essential oils clarry calm honestly it’s been a life saver ! Xxx you need to try it look up clarry calm doterra

NicolaJM in reply to abicat1

thanks - I will check it out.. x

abicat1 in reply to EndoG

The betta blockers where shit ! X it was awful

abicat1 in reply to EndoG

They just don’t give me betta blockers now plus they do nothing for me to but yeah try clarry calm an essential oil it targets hormones xx

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