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pain after eating


Hi all i am new here and love reading the posts and support!

I am currently awaiting my first lap and have similiar symptoms to im sure what alot of you do, severe pelvic pain that leaves me bed bound on days, irregular bowel movements with sometimes blood/ mucus and all round fatigue.

But when i first became poorly with this flareup i felt severely nauseous and lost all appetite, the nausea has subsided but my appetite hasnt returned. I now find whenever i eat i experience a burning like pain that starts slightly higher than my my stomach and travels downwards. This can be eating anything and everything, even soup. Has anyone else expierneced this?

I am vegitarian and have been avoiding dairy and alcohol, my food intake is limited to little and often at the moment on account of this, just thought it would help to see similiar experiences :)

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Hi, I get this and have been advised to try Omeprazole as it might be due to the amount of tablets I take and increased acid. I'm happy to try this and see if it works as hopefully something easy to fix. If you don't already take these might be worth a go?

Good luck finding something that works.

Thank you for this! It’s comforting to hear others too. I’m taking that currently so I’ll see if it makes a difference :)

I’ve struggled with eating for months, it causes pain, plus blockage. Movement, ie shopping starts if off as well and causes nausea.

I was size 16/18 in December/January, size 12 is now a bit baggy, tried on a size 10 coat earlier and it fitted! Didn’t buy it as hoping to start eating more at some point 🤣

Was on omeprazole for possible reflux earlier last year, no difference for me, but I carry on taking it for protection against the painkillers


So sorry to hear that you’re experiencing something so similiar it’s horrible isn’t it :( it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one!

I’m the same I’m taking ompeprazole also, guess we just have to hope it eases at some point :(

Here’s to eating again one day 🤞🏻🤞🏻

I’ve had CT to check for other stuff, ruled out. It’s in the bowel, I’m waiting on their MDT meeting for next step. I left it far too long, partly my own fault, partly doctors for stupid comments over the years, so I didn’t bother.

Do you know when your lap is? Have you mentioned the eating, etc to the consultant?

Sorry to hear that, I hope they sort it quickly for you :(

Nope I have an appointment with the consultant to sign consent forms etc. But they said unless he refers me as urgent it could be months due to COVID. I’m going to when I see him, the last time I saw him was a month ago and had no knowledge of endo so just told him about the pelvic pain, I’ll defo mention it thoufh

Your symptoms and not eating isn’t sustainable so you should mention it. Are you keeping notes as you go? It’ll give a clear idea of what’s happening.

Is the consultant helpful and good?

No very true I will defo hammer home that point! I’m not keeping a diary but I’ve just sat down and done one so thank you so much for the tip! The consultant is actually lovely and is the first person to properly listen so I’m hopeful he’ll help!

I know that feeling, makes a difference when someone isn’t dismissive. When I went last time forgot everything to ask so uncomfortable after waiting, they were running behind and I was early. They’d switched hospitals and wasn’t quite sure where it was. I don’t mind but it just makes it worse in those circumstances, I think he could see that.

Hey, sorry you’re going through this :(

I have the same thing. I’ve been on omeprazole for a few months as they thought it might be a side effect of taking so much medication. Unfortunately, it’s not helped. I’m going for an MRI soon as they also suspect thoracic endometriosis and it could be to do with that.

Do you get any chest pain as well? Xx

slothlife25 in reply to EndoG

I’m sorry to hear that you are also going through the same thing :( this is really useful to know I will mention it to my consultant. I do yes! The pain is never in my throat it’s alway starts once it’s travelled to my chest area :(

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