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Good morning everyone,

I have a had endo since 2000 but I would say even before that. Recently I took myself to A&E with what I and hospital thought was a hernia, but after a CT Scan result showed a 2-3 cm cyst on my lower left side that has formed inside my c section scar you can actually feel it when you move your finger across the scar.

Was offered two options, first surgery which I declined as I have a 6 year old son (who I had at 44) after being told when I was 40 to I wouldn't have children and to consider a hysterectomy and second option to have three month course of Zoladex injections.

I am worried this wont actually reduce the cysts and will as with being nearly 50 bring on the change.

How does this work to treat painful cyst and how will things work after you finish your course.

Note I have had laparocopys as well as coil and depo etc nothing has worked over the years.

Periods in the past year have become more frequent.

Sorry for the War and Peace novel but trying to remember everything.

Would appreciate any advice :)

x .

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