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Depression after laparoscopy


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone become really depressed after having a lap? I don't think it's necessarily the lap itself but more a combination of pain, pregnancy losses and recovering from the lap is just the final straw and my body and mind have had enough. I also have mild lupus which I think has flared following the surgery.

I have endometriosis and adenomyosis but want to keep trying for a family so treatment options are limited. I am 40 so we don't have long. I guess that is adding pressure too.

I only have one tube left following 3 ectopics but the lap showed that tube is clear and working.

I have lost all interest in life and just want to sleep. I am soooooo tired and I've not gone back to work yet as I just can't face it, mentally or physically.

Sorry for the long rant, it's just I know you all understand how difficult this can be to live with.

Michelle x

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Hi MrDarcydog

I was depressed after my laparoscopy, I think it was due to the anesthetic and the enormity of the toll on my body. It did improve, but speak to your doctor if it feels overwhelming.

Yes me! After three failed IVF cycles, being fobbed off for years that my issues we’re normal, and then finally being diagnosed and treated felt overwhelming. Also the hospital experience and pain was awful. Still not 100% myself, just trying to get on with it. Good luck to you however you decide to forge ahead and whatever the outcome I hope you find peace xxx


I felt pretty depressed after mine as I felt so useless because I couldn’t do basic everyday things. Later I found that operations in general actually mess with your hormones/emotions and that can cause depression/feeling low so hopefully things will start picking up for you x

Yes! I never thought at the time that it could have been related but I felt sooo low after my lap!

From posts on this site it seems many people with endo end up with depression due to constant pain and the effect that endo has on all aspects of your life however I do recall feeling very low after my laps, my sister said she always feels that way after an anaesthetic and I always associated it with that but I guess it could also be hormonal due to the surgery. Hope you feel better very soon.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I don't feel as alone with this now, it's just difficult explaining to people in my life why I am not back to normal! I am just so worn out, mentally and physically with the pain x

I felt like that after lap and couldn't explain it at the time but I think it was also due to the diagnosis. See if you can find a good excision surgeon to get rid of your Endo at least to make your chances of getting/staying pregnant greater. You might also want to find a naturopath that works with fertility issues and knows well about Endo and Adenomyosis. You can also try a Shiatsu or acupuncture treatment to balance yourself again. Take care

MrDarcydog in reply to Horsie

Thank you Horsie! I think it is a bit of that too... i was worried they would find something and also worried they wouldn't! He did excise some adhesions and I believe lasered the smaller spots. I am seeing him on wednesday for a follow up.

I have acupuncture every week for the lupus and she has been helping with the pain from the adenomyosis. I think that scares me the most as the only way I will get rid of it for good is a hysterectomy. I have really bad reactions to any kind of hormones so I don't want to go down that road.


I understand... is your surgeon on the Nook list (Facebook Nancys Nook group)? As it sounds like he's burning stuff and not cutting it away. I don't want an hysterectomy either (and dont want hormones)... I was told cutting the nerves to the womb might be an option, but that is not offered by many surgeons... I might have to travel to Germany or Romania, as with Brexit UK is dodgy now.

I only read about Nancy's Nook after I'd booked my surgery so now I'm worried I've done the wrong thing! I've tried to download the list from NN but have struggled to do it on my phone. I am prepared that I might need more surgeries.... is treatment better in Germany and Romania?


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