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Burning pain after sex


Hey ladies,

So I’ve had a laparoscopy and a cystoscopy and been diagnosed with minimal Endo and inflammation of my Trigone. I think I have IC but surgeon said I don’t so waiting for a second opinion.

My main problem is that I keep getting the burning and irritation sensations of a UTI even though I don’t have an infection and it’s always after sex! This only started happening Summer last year. I am on 3 months of antibiotics just in case there has been a prior infection.

The consultants and surgeons have no explanation for this and they don’t know how to stop it because I’m already on antibiotics, I’m hygienic but not too hygienic, we use a lot of KY Jelly (lubricant advised by medical professionals), I’m not allergic to latex and we don’t use condoms anyway because I’m on the pill, the sex isn’t rough anymore and we don’t do crazy positions.

Has anybody had this before? I’m really trying to find out why I feel like I have a UTI after every time I have sex! It’s like my urethra and bladder are on fire. Could a sexual health clinic have an explanation?

Please help 😔 xx

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Sounds daft but do you wee before and after sex? I found this reduced the sensation of a UTI for me.

BethanyAnn in reply to Lovisa

Yeah I do that every time but it still doesn’t help me 😔 x

Big hugs, I had this. It stopped though I continued to have other dyspareunia issues. Things to try.

Stop using toiletries on your vagina in the shower just use only water

Could you try yes yes yes water based to see if its something in the ky jelly? My physio post op said that was the most hypoallergenic

Move to organic plastic free sanitary towels like natracare

Move to organic Paraben free shampoo shower gel

Anti histamines

Drink lots of water and wee straight after sex

Wipe front to back (obvious but important and easy to overlook)

Optibac Vagina probiotics or similar to help rebalanced after anti Biotic

Google interstitial cystitis help

Good luck xx

BethanyAnn in reply to Starry

Thank you! I’ll have a look at all of those options.

Do you think it’s possible that I’ve become allergic to something?

I took an anti histamine earlier after reading your post and it has helped 🤔

Thank you again! xx

Starry in reply to BethanyAnn

Possibly, but I've also seen reports that anti histamines help interstitial cystitis. Hopefully it's potentially promising that the toiletry changes might help you as they did me.

SLES is a proven irritant used in small amounts in most every main brand foaming toiletry and toothpaste product. I think endo makes us more sensitive. There are also theories about xenon oestrogens kicking round but I've no idea if there is any merit to them.

I now use "Kind Natured" Paraben and SLES free shampoo (online only, it's the only reasonably priced one I found but it's good) and as a treat the little soap company (online, waitrose) which is also organic.

Below is the link on interstitial cystitis, I found it useful as there is limited info out there on IC


If it persists, it might be worth seeing a vagina specialist. I experience pain both during and after sex, and I have found seeing a vaginal physiotherapist helpful (still can't have sex, but it's marginally less painful and I'm hopeful for the future!)

I haven’t heard of a vaginal physiotherapist before, I will definitely look into it. Thank you! xx

I have this exact same pain. Just been diagnosed with endo via lap. Cystoscopy also clear. Ive had pain like this before during my fertile period even when we hadnt had sex so assumed pain after sex was purely coincidental timing wise as i never had pain during sex itself. Tonight was our 2nd time having sex since the lap. I already had some milder burning pain but we are trying for a baby so i took iburprofen and paracetamol and we had sex. I was sore during but figured it was because we hadnt had sex for a while (since the op). Then within half hour it felt like my urethra and lady bits were on fire. The pain increased so suddenly and became so severe i was screaming crying and shivering. Don't laugh (okay you can laugh a bit) but I felt like all i wanted was a dildo made of ice! And yet wierdly a heat pack on my area seemed to help somewhat. My hubby was gobsmacked and wanted to take me to hospital. In the end i had 60mg of codine in my system together with paracetamol and 800mg ibuprofen before i even began to feel any relief. I am also on amatriptaline since the surgery in an effort to get off the coedine but i totally fell off the wagon tonight. I since read that this can be caused by endo on outside of uterus by neck of womb being irritated by sex. Im suprised i never had this pain before however i guess maybe the fact the dr burt the endo during surgery has irritated the area more?! Who knows but im gutted i was hoping pain was going to improve after surgery not get worse.

Jane966 in reply to Netti451

This is my problem too! I got diagnosied with severe endo! It was everywhere, bowel, urethra, womb, cervix with lesions up to 4cm (pictures where taken by surgeons...so ugly it was)! After a 4 hour operation, 6 Months of hormone injections and the hormone coil I'm still experiencing the worst burning sensation ever after sex. It's not bad during it's just after it's like a fire has been lit:( I find no relief from tramadol, gabapentin or paracetomal. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle:(

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