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Bleeding while on Pill every day

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I had a bilateral salpinectomy in January 2018 and had the coil fitted at the same time. Mild endo was discovered during the procedure - I didn't know I had it until that point. The coil didn't work out for me and in March 2019 I had it removed and was advised to take the pill every day so as to keep the endo to a minimum and reduce the risk of it spreading.

Over the last few weeks I've noticed that I am bleeding after intercourse - not enough to need a tampon or towels but in discharge. Sometimes it's brown like the end of a period but other time its red like the start of a period. I don't miss a day taking the pill.

Is this normal? I deliberately didn't have intercourse for a week and there was no bleeding and then when I did it started again.

Also, is bloating a symptom of endo, particularly if endo isn't severe? I seem to be always bloated and have even had a food intolerance test done recently to see if what I'm eating is the cause.

Any comments/suggestions wold be very welcome.



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