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The minera coil and bladder issues

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Has anyone had the minera coil and bladder issues? Like recurring cystitis or perforated bladder? I’ve had the coil in 5 months and have had issues from the very first day- more cramping, lots more pain etc etc. More frequent need to urinate (odd side effect!) Was told I had to give it 6 months to know if it really works which I appreciated and have been doing but about two days ago I had a sudden pain followed by a bad burning sensation that came out of nowhere when I urinated and it’s just getting worse. Today has been awful, there’s an awful pressure like feeling on my bladder like someone is pushing hard on it continually (u know when you have an ultrasound and you’re bursting for a wee and you feel like you’re going to wet yourself any second - it’s that feeling all the time!!) I feel the need to urinate all the time yet very little cones out. I’ve had awful diarrhoea with it and also when I do pee it burns or I get odd internal pains. I rarely get UTIs- certainly never felt anything like this. I’ve been checked for infection and there’s white blood cells but no elevated nitrates so they are awaiting further analysis but meanwhile the pain is just awful. I’m starting to wonder if it could be related to the coil given all the other issues I’ve had with it. Anyone’s experiences would be lovely to hear if anything just to put me at rest!

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