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Immune system not working!

This might sound a little odd.. but please bare with me!

I haven’t had my endo diagnosis yet, I’m still in the beginning stages of all that, waiting for first gynea appointment in a few weeks. My symptoms started to really show up in nov last year when I began experiencing an awful pain around my left ovary and the left side of my back around my kidney. Since this onset it just seems as though I have picked up every bug that has been going!

Every other week I have a chest infection, sinus infection, throat infection, stinking awful cold, stomach bugs etc. As soon as I get over one it’s only a matter of days til something else comes along and knocks me for 6. It doesn’t help that my work ha e a new sickness policy which basically equals zero tolerance! So time off to recover just isn’t an option.

I’m positive people are fed up of me or must think I’m a hypochondriac! My other half has been absolutely amazing looking after me through all the gross bugs but I think he is getting w bit tired of it too!

It may not be related at all but what I wanted to know is if any of you ladies have experienced anything like this?

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Since Christmas I have been pretty much the same as you, cold, bronchitis, sinus infection, sore throat and I feel it generally is taking me longer to recover than it used to. I will start to feel better for a few days and then something else drags me down. I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis since May 2018. I’ve been wondering the same lately as it seems I just can’t shake things off this year . I’m taking supplements and vitamins to boost my immune system but I’m honestly fed up of it too. I think there must be times endometriosis batters the immune system as your body is fighting itself so this takes a toll on the immune system. Let’s hope we are both feeling healthy again soon xx


I completely understand. During the major flare up that finally ended in my diagnosis last year I had a staggering number of colds, sinus and throat infections. I never just get 1 thing. A bad throat would lead to an ear infection then spread to my eyes with conjunctivitis. I found taking selenium has really helped me this winter to avoid so much sickness but the theory that there is an autoimmune element to endometriosis makes complete sense. My work isn't zero tolerance but I've used up all my allowed sick leave so I won't get paid if I'm sick this year. Hope you get a diagnosis soon :)

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Hi Vicky, throughout my 20's I came down with bug after bug and it was in my 30's that I was diagnosed with autoimmune conditions of under active thyroid, ulcerative colitis and endometriosis. All I can advise is to look after yourself, don't go on alcohol blow outs and avoid late nights as this made everything worse for me. Jo x


As awful as it is that you ladies have also been feeling as poorly and rotten as I have, it’s a relief to know that it isn’t just me! I was struggling to see how they could be linked but my other half has been telling me for months now that he is sure they must be.

I have been taking vitamin supplements to help give me a boost, and I am definitely too exhausted all the time for any late nights and blow outs... in 27 and 10 o’clock is way past my bed time and one glass of one and I’m done!

Thank you so much for your replies!

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