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Burning pain with sex not an infection feels like my cervix is burning away with friction


Does anyone else have this ?when I have sex certain areas feel like they are burning it’s starting to put me off sex which is not good when ttc I’ve not got an infection as it happens every time I have sex I do all the usual things of peeing before and after but this pain is excruciating it feels like my cervix is burning away like sandpaper when your rubbing something away it’s awful

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Hi Afrohair yes I have this and it’s unbearable the pain.

Been told it’s normal for my condition 😢sorry I can’t offer any advice but will keep an eye on your thread to see what other people say x

Oh I absolutely hate it !i just need to do something about it.its interrupting my sex life x

Let me know if anything works for you xx

I’m going to see if lubricant will help it just seems to be getting worse I can’t bear it I feel like I’m playing a game of dodge ball when I’m having sex cause theirs so many no go areas !🤣

Try meditation but helps calm the mind and the muscles there - I use one called the calm app. Also try different positions - usually by being on top you can manage and adjust the penetration according to your comfort needs. Also I find almond oil a good lubricant for putting on each other all around helps

Afrohair in reply to CherryPie1

Thanks I just saw online almond and coconut oil is natural lube hope this wouldn’t affect sperm think I’ll try it thankyou x

Try to refrain from having sex.Or try a different method.

Sorry to hear you’re in such pain all I can say is I know what it’s like. Sex is excruciating for me. I get sharp pain and burning too. It’s so hard to navigate a marriage when you have this condition. I’m having a full hysterectomy and I’m hoping that might clear some of the pain. I hope this is a short term symptom for you as it sounds like it’s pretty new. Have you changed anything in your treatment? Maybe it’s giving you a side affect? I would see what you’re doing differently recently and maybe that could be triggering this pain for you.

Afrohair in reply to OstaraMoon

Hiya the only thing I can put it down to is my hormones and my condition endometriosis getting worse the burning pain is quite new but it started at the top of my cervix which I was managing and then now it’s in both places top and bottom it’s impacting on my relationship because I avoid sex and my partner will fear he’s hurting me and then also I look like I’m moaning all the time so sometimes end up grinning and bearing it which is not good for a relationship.a hysterectomy is out the question for me as we are trying for our final baby I’m on a referral list for surgery apparently but this could be up to a year or more wait.its so frustrating I can’t avoid sex like the last comment suggested I mean why should I ?its got to be managed some how thanks for your response x

OstaraMoon in reply to Afrohair

Yeah there’s got to be a way. Maybe pain meds hmmm 🧐 I don’t know. It’s so tough. My partner also worries he’s hurting me so totally get that and grinning and bearing it but that’s so hard right? Wish I could wave a magic wand for us so at the very least we could enjoy sex!

Afrohair in reply to OstaraMoon

Yes so hard it gets to a point where I have to say something or I just literally feel like pushing him off me it’s an awful thing to do.I know I’m not anxious as me and my fiancé have been together for years now , it just interrupts things and I feel like I can’t go on x

Sorry to hear this but I totally understand how you feel. It happens to me as soon as entry begins, and yes it does put you off wanting to have sex. I had an hysterectomy when I was 28, in 2001 after suffering from endometriosis since I was 14, and i have to say, it was the best thing I did. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago I started feeling pain and discomfort again during sex but never thought anything of it. After numerous water infections and different tests, I was told 'my friend' had returned. To say I was shocked is an understatement, as I was never told it can return. Anyway, waiting to have it seen to again. Hope all goes well with you.

Afrohair in reply to Marlie3

So sorry you had a hysterectomy so young evidence does suggest it can return afterward as endometriosis creates its own Estrogen.at the minute I don’t have any other pain except this and if I do heavy lifting I currently have unexplained chest pain but other than that my pelvic pain has settled with diet and supplements x

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