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Hiya everyone this is my first post here. I'm due my second laparoscopy on Tuesday and I'm absolutely terrified. My first lap when I was diagnosed with endometriosis was November 2016 (also had gall bladder removal in April 2013 via laparoscopy). My situation never got better after the first op and in fact my symptoms quickly got worse. I was told there was nothing else they could do as we were trying for a baby so was left to it. I never did conceive and last July had a coil fitted as we are getting married in May and with the pains and the 14 day long periods I wanted to try and take control. Although the coil has helped with some symptoms others have got worse so my consultant decided a lap was the way forward.

I'm scared of the implications of this being my third surgery. My last consultant really tried to talk me out of having the first op and said it was risky as had the gall bladder surgery previously. Now I'm even more worried as this will be another on top. My current consultant said I shouldn't be too worried and says of course there is risks but I am slim and 26 so that is favourable. Has anyone had a few ops and all been okay?

My other worry is they will find nothing. I know this probably sounds ridiculous but if there is something there then there are reasons why I'm in so much pain and also on my period for half the time. With my first lap I was put between stage 1 and 2 so I'm also worried it's going to have got worse. Is it possible to get worse quickly over a 2 year period?

Sorry for the long rambling post thanks everyone

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