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Hi, I’m 30 yrs old and last year was put on rigevidon back to back for 4 months to stop my periods. I have had painful periods for years and have cysts on my ovaries. Doctor says endometriosis. Mefanamic acid worked for a while but doesn’t seem to help much now. The gynaecologist wanted to see if the pill would mean the cysts go away. The rescan showed the small one on the right side had gone but the left side remained. I have been put back on rigevidon for 3 months back to back this time then a 4 day break and then start 3 months again. Have just had a MRI which I don’t know results of yet. Also have high CA125 level which is being monitored.

The problem this time is I’ve been bleeding and getting a lot of pain for the last 7 days while on rigevidon..... when these tablets are supposed to stop bleeding and you bleed more than usual and for a lot longer what does it mean!? I had some break through bleeding when I first started them last time but just spotting not like this, I’m currently living with a hot water bottle strapped to by belly to help with some of the pain, mefanamic acid not helping that much and giving me pain higher in stomach from taking it for longer than usual...

Anyone else experienced this? Many thanks

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