I think I might have endo. Help.

Hi so I'm 15 years old. Over the past year, I've had every symptom imaginable of endometriosis. It started out with extremely painful periods. I had to be taken out of school on multiple occasions because the pain was too much. If this would last for a day or two. Usually when I have my period I have really bad diarrhea and stomach pain. But about 4 months ago, something really strange happened. Only undigested food and water was coming out for about 4 days straight. And then since then, I've only been having diarrhea or I've been constipated. About 2 months ago I started have intense Lowe back pain. It would be described as the pain resulting from sciatica. Shooting down my legs and hip. I couldn't even walk for a couple of days. Since then I've been in constant pain in my lower back. And to top it all off, the left side of my pelvis hurts severely very often, and sometimes the right side. Recently the right side has been hurting a little bit more. I have reason to believe that I have an ovarian cyst at the moment. I have to pee very very often, and I look very bloated. Also the left side of my lower abdomin sticks out way more than the right side. I'm in pain every day and I'm honestly so scared. All I've ever wanted to be was a mother. My mom won't take me to the doctor. I've been begging he for months. Finally, 3 weeks ago she said she'd take me to a gyno (my period cane late, and when it did come, I was completely debilitated. It took me 2 hours to gather the strength to leave the bathroom, and when I did, I was only crawling and I was calling out for my sisters and my mom because I wanted them to get me something to put me to sleep ). But it's been a while and every time I ask her to bring me she says I'm annoying her. I honestly think I should have been sent to the ER on multiple occasions because of the severe pain. My boyfriend and I are very worried. The pain is getting much worse very fast and I don't know what that means for me. Please help.

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I'd say get checked out by a doctor and ask if you can have a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound. I'm 18 years old and have a laparoscopy for endo coming up next week but took since I was 12 to diagnose. I've never really suffered from heavy periods but definitely painful, I also had pain in my left side and right and the doctor thought it was appendicitis, I can't give you much help on the diareha side of things and I've never experienced that or heard of it to be linked with endo but the best option is to see a doctor, explain your pains and ask for an ultrasound of your pelvis and abdo. They may have to do a internal examination where the probe goes inside the vagina to properly look at the ovaries, if you've been sexually active before this shouldn't bother you much, and doesn't hurt a lot either. Sorry for not being much help, but go to a doctor sweetie. All the best for you xx

Thanks for replying so quickly. Gastrointestinal issues are very common with endometriosis. A lot of women are misdiagnosed with irratable bowel syndrome, when they really have endo. But anyways, my problem is that my mom won't take me to the doctor. She sees me suffering but won't get me to get checked out. It's really frustrating because I can feel the pan getting worse. I don't know what to do.

Is the surgery accessible for you to get to yourself? You have a right to be checked out, tell your mum that you want to be seen because you can't live like that! Or phone the doctor and make an appointment yourself. X

I don't think I can set an appointment myself. I'm pretty sure I have to be 18

Do you live in the U.K.? Cause I've been going to my doctor appointments alone since I was 15-16 but I'm not too sure on the guidelines. I'd make her take you or another family member who's old enough as it's not fair to leave you suffering. Hope you get some help soon x

I live in new York in the US and all my other family lives outside of ny....

Actually I just found out that I can visit a doctor by myself, but I don't have any means of getting there. I'll figure it out though. Thank you

You really must get to a doctor. You sound to have all the symptoms of undiagnosed endo and the evidence indicates that adolescents are presenting with more and more severe endo that is being neglected. Are you in the US? Do you have another relative or older friend to take you?

Yeah I'm in the US. My older sister would definitely take me, but I'm in new York and she's in uni in Boston. I also have an aunt that I'm close to, but she lives in new jersey. I don't have anyone in new York that can take me

Can you have a read of the introduction pages of the full European guidelines at the link below that are written for doctors and give all the symptoms that gynaecologists should be taking notice of that are so often mis diagnosed as IBS. Also look at my post on uterosacral ligament endo that you have symptoms of and that affects the left side most often. The ASRM (the American endo body) contributes to the guidelines so the information in there is definitive. Perhaps you can print it off and highlight all that applies and give it to her:


Also you might like to join a facebook group called Endometropolis that advises on US treatment.

It sounds like the right symptoms for Endo. Its a shame as in the UK you can go to the Dr at 15 alone. All I would say is dont take no for an answer - I had symptoms since 17 and for years got no help, said it was ibs, said I would grow out of it. Yesterday, at nearly 25 I had a laparoscopy and had extensive Endo removed and also it was sticking my bowel and other organs together, which may be affecting you with your gastro issues. I really hope you get an answer soon. Good Luck x

It is paramount you see an experienced gynaecologist just as soon as you can. Can I also add that I think is disgraceful that your own mother seems to trivialise the immense pain you're suffering from and should be responsible to get you the help you need. You are only 15 so have good time on your side to address this illness quickly and start getting the treatment you need which hopefully will help you long term. This is a very complex condition and it demands the right treatment. Please don't ignore things. I had a lot of your symptoms when I was much younger and was fobbed off by my local doctor for over 10 years and never pushed to get better help and I really regret it now. I'm now 43 and was unable to have children as the damage was done and it could have been different if I'd been treated better and sooner. I only got properly diagnosed after 20 years or so and would do anything to turn back the clock and demand better treatment, you have that opportunity so please get help soon. I had debilitating fatigue, lower back pain, diarrhoea (during my period mainly), severe period pain, very sharp pain in my left side at ovulation and these issues just got worse and worse. I've learn to listen to my gut feeling, I knew something was wrong and should have stood firm and fought more and not just accepted doctors told me my symptoms were just from working too hard and sitting at my desk too long!, you have the time and owe it to yourself to get help and if you don't see someone you think can help, demand to see someone else, just keep fighting for the help you need. The sooner you can get this awful illness under control, the better for you. Good Luck with everything, I'd also tell your mum that you expect more and should be getting more support from her. x

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