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Oral Progesterone (Cyproterone)

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Hi everyone,

Just wondering whether anyone has any experience taking oral progesterone (brand name Cyprone) for Endometriosis? I just had my follow up appointment with my Gynae/Endo surgeron and rather than put me on Zoladex, which would likely screw with my anxiety and depression, he has asked me to try taking 5mg of progesterone. I have a Mirena IUD (progesterone secreting) but he would like to try increasing my dose to see if it helps with my pain and GI symptoms.

I had my excision surgery back in April ‘18 and he doesn’t want to re-operate because he removed a lot of disease already. Part of me just wanted to say “screw it, open me up again and get the new stuff out”, but medication is cheaper than surgery!


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