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Bowel Resection at 22

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So I have recently been told that depending on how much endo has spread into my bowels I may need bowel resection and May need a bag for a few months.

I’m really scared about it and not sure if I wanna go ahead with it. So I’m wondering what you recommend? Have you had a bowel resection cos of endo and has it drastically changed your pain?

If I don’t have the surgery will it just get worse and will I eventually have to do it anyway?

Has the resection changed your eating habits? Are there restrictions after you have recovered from the surgery?

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I really feel for you. I was in the same position in 2017. I hated the thought of a bag, but resigned myself to what needs to be done must be done. Luckily the surgeon only had to shave off some of the bowel so that I didn't need a bag.

The pain I had was excruciating when I needed to go to the toilet it was like being stabbed internally in the backside. The operation helped a lot for the last year but I'm beginning to have pain again. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, sorry I couldn't help with the bag issue.

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I’m 29 years old. I had bowel surgery at 24 years old and like the lady above, they just did a shaving of the bowel. The symptoms went away for 18 months then came back. I’ve just been told I need more serious upper bowel surgery because the endo has grown over the scarred bowel and also got into the bowel. They’ve said to me temporary or permanent bag and 30% chance of damaging my cervix in the process which may mean I may not be able to get pregnant naturally if I decide I want children. I am getting all the facts and statics before I make a decision and believe you should too. Take care.

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