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Constipation stitch pain in my womb!


Hi ladies, I'm grateful this space exists as I don't know where else to talk about it - doctors don't seem to have much clue.

I have lately been getting really sharp pains in my womb almost like a constipation cramp - but in my womb more than my bowels. It feels really tight and sometimes feels like it's my bladder being stretched. Other times it's just really intense womb pain. But definitely more like a stitch than period cramps.

I have had problems with periods all my life - I'm 30 now but been on the pill since 15. I tried all the pills and coils that the doctors told me and then after 8 years I came off them altogether (not allowed combined pill any more as had migraine with aura and the mini pill just made me constantly bleed) I was much better for going natural. Then 5 years ago I went on the progesterone only pill (Noriday) for contraception reasons and surprisingly it has been fine. I still have painful periods but I would say I have been able to cope. It was mainly just 1-2 bad days and the others were painful but manageable.

Since July 2018 something has changed. Still on the same Noriday pill, no other meds and I began bleeding 3 weeks every month July, Aug, Sept. I went back to normal for October and November and then December it returned I've had 2-3 weeks of bleeding again.

A week before the bleeding starts I've begun to get this tight constipation stitch pain. Now I am getting it during periods, the week before, and randomly in between.

I have a small intramural fibroid that the doctors found on a scan in September that is 2cm. They said this shouldn't be causing the pain or the bleeding and that it is more likely to be endometriosis.

I always thought I had endometriosis when I was younger but then things got slightly better (I was able to cope better) and so if it is endometriosis I don't understand why it has suddenly changed since July. The symptoms all changed at once and these new symtoms are really affecting my life. When I have this painful stitch cramp I am painfully bloated (I look about 5 months pregnant) and I cannot have intercourse with this stitch thing, it's too painful.

I don't know what to do. I've read lots about diet for endo and fibroids and my diet is already really good I don't have alcohol or coffee, or dairy, no red meat, no white meat other than fish, lots of fruit and vegetables - the only thing left for me to cut out is wheat (bread & pasta are my only joys left!!)

I don't know what to do about the pain and I am so confused as they all keep saying it's endo but something doesn't feel like it's endometriosis - the symptoms are all new and seem to coincide with the discovery of this fibroid but everyone is saying it's not that - I've seen three GP's who think not, 1 gynae and someone at a sex clinic - she was the only one who said it is possible for fibroids of this size to cause these symptoms and then referred me to the gynae - who said it won't be causing it.

I guess I'm just looking to know if anyone else has these symptoms - especially the constipation stitch pain in the womb - and if so what do they have...

I'm not sure I want to put my body through a laproscopy at the moment as I know endo doesn't have a cure and they're not going to do anything about the fibroid. I just want to know if anyone else has these symptoms as they seem different to my usual periods of the last 15 years.

Sorry for the essay, thanks for reading if you've got this far! x

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Hi. That all sounds like my symptoms before my lap in November. I also had 3 cysts. When they did the lap they found my bowel was full of endometriosis and stuck to my uterus. I had to have a second surgery with a specialist in December to remove it all. So if you can, it may be wokrth going ahead with the lap as they could improve your pain levels. Good luck with everything.

peacock_wings in reply to ChloeV

Hi Chloe thank you so much for your reply. Wow I guess I had partly been in denial about it even being endo to that extent... thank you for your message for some reason just hearing that yoou've had the same has made me rethink having a lap...How are you recovering? And how was the second surgery in December? Really hope you're healing day by day <3 xx

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