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On period when I have a gynaecologist appointment

Hi everyone,

I’m on my period and have a gynaecologist appointment tomorrow!!! Help, has this happened to anyone else? Is it still okay?

Thank you xx

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This should be fine, I’ve had an internal scan while I’ve been on and it was fine! They have seen it all before xx


Thank you!! I think I’m worrying over nothing xx

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Should be fine I have had a few scans whilst having my monthly and it was not a problem

All the best x


Thank you so much xx


Hey girls, why don’t you guys check out Nancy Nook endometriosis education. One of the lady just mentioned and I joined the group and it had wealth of knowledge. I promise non of you will be disappointed. When signing they ask theee questions and we are not allowed to ask questions for the first week. We have to explore to understand.


I bleed most of the time I'm sure it will be OK take care and good luck xx


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