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First laparoscopy and probable endometriosis


Hi all,

I had my first gynaecology appointment at the beginning of December and the gynaecologist believes I have endometriosis. I have just received my date for a laparoscopy at the beginning of February. I am honestly a little terrified at the prospect of this as I have never been put under anaesthetic or had anything done in hospital bar an x-ray! I am afraid of a lack of control with being put to sleep.

Just wondered if anyone had any advice on what I should expect before and after the op. I am also due to be on at the time and wondered if anyone has any advice on how to deal with this or if it in any way makes recovering more difficult because of the added stress of dealing with it! Also, has anyone been tested in this way for endometriosis and been clear and therefore had to have further investigation and if so what are the next steps?

Massive thanks in advance for any replies!!

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Hi there,

I was in a very similar situation to yourself a couple of months ago. I had my first gynaecologist appointment end of November. This appointment cane round super fast as I had a couple of years of failed GP picking up on my symptoms. Luckily my husband has private insurance through his work so when I was referred to gynaecology, I had an appointment within a week!

After an initial consultation with the consultant she believed I had Endo, due to symptoms and a physical examination. She offered to do laparoscopy surgery to confirm diagnosis and clear up Endo if present. I had the surgery two weeks later as she had a cancellation!

I am now just over two weeks past the surgery and feeling much better! Upon meeting the consultant she said surgery would take about half an hour if minimal blasts needed or if she found it severe and would need to have a second op.

I was put under general anaesthetic which went so smoothly. I had been panicking like mad beforehand that I may have a bad reaction or something, but my fears were my mind going crazy! I am glad to say the hospital procedures went so well!i wish I hadn’t been so scared as I worked myself up beforehand!!

Anyway I was under general for two hours as they found I had Endo on my bowel and womb and the consultant said she managed to get rid of it all!

I have two little scars and one in my belly button which I can’t see! My belly button got slightly infected the 23 December so I had antibiotics to solve any issues.

I’m now glad to say I’m feeling like my self again! I have a follow up in 4 weeks time.

Your doing the right thing, going for laparoscopy, it is the only way to definitely identify Endo and they can clear it up at the same time!!

Any questions you have, just ask and best of luck to you x

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I really appreciate it. Hope everything continues to go well for you x

I've had two before. The last one was in November and I was on then! I just told the nurses who were lovely. I wore my knickers and a pad down to theatre and eased them off when I got on the trolley (they make you sit on a think that looks like a flat nappy anyway) a kind nurse dealt with my soiled pad and knickers. TBH I was in so much pain the thought of going to sleep was great! They give you a pre med to relax you before. Tell them if you are stressed and they will explain everything to you.

Top tip for recovery is don't expect to sleep flat afterwards. Use extra pillows. You get shoulder pain from the gas they pump into you. Stay on top of your pain meds and have a stool softener or laxative on hand in case you need it if they give you codeine. Drink peppermint tea afterwards. It really helps get the gas out your system.

The ladies on here are great for answering any questions you have post opp. People who have been through it are definitely a better resource than hospital information leaflets!

Thanks so much for this! Really glad that I will have the option of a pre-med to relax me - I feel I may well need it! Thanks for the handy tips of cushions and peppermint tea also, I'll bear that in mind!!

Totally agree, this page has helped me a million times more than any hospital page or doctor to cope with the idea of everything! Everyone is really very supportive of each other that's for sure!

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