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First laparoscopy this week

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I am going in on Thursday for my first laparoscopy and it is also my first general anaesthetic. So I am a bit nervous, particularly if I turn out to be perfectly healthy, as I am doing this to get an answer on what has been causing the pain. I wondered, has anyone undergone a laparoscopy before and not been diagnosed with endometriosis? If not, what were the next steps and did you get a different diagnosis?

Thank you!

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This is literally me in two weeks I am having diagnostic lap and am so anxious to know but am so worried it’s going to say nothing was found as I am not mad! I hope you get answers and I hope I do too, good luck x

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Thank you! I will let you know how I get on. Fingers crossed for you too! :)

I was feeling the same I'm June to the point I nearly talked myself out of having it done and when I woke up I was convinced she was going to say I had wasted everyone's time but not the case. I actually have stage 4 and she couldn't do anything and needed someone wirh the experience to treat me I had an mri in July and now have an app this week so I am clueless good luck x

Thank you! My body reassured me this morning that something is definetly not right by waking me up at 5 am with severe pain in my lower abdomen... so feeling more confident again!! Hope your next appointment goes well and you get treated soon!


I had my diagnostic lap done 4 weeks ago today, and my consultant was adamant she wasn’t going to find anything that was causing my unexplained pain but, I came out to find I’d got three different issues.

The going to sleep part is really nothing to worry about, I know that’s easier said than done. The anaesthetist will look after you. They put something into the cannula in the back of your hand, and put a mask on you, and literally you’re asleep within seconds. I was made to feel very at ease as I was the same as you!

You’re doing the right thing, getting answers, you’ll find you’ll probably have more questions afterwards too!

If I can help with anything else, let me know xx

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Thank you... this makes me feel so much better already! Hope you are making a good recovery :)

Hi! I have my first app in a couple weeks and am shitting it..I keep thinking their going to tell me there is nothing or it's something worse! I've also been told that they are meant to do MRI scan before the pap? My pain has started waking me in the mornings and random times at night..Also my kidneys have started hurting at random times! Not sure if it's all connected but it's weird x

Hi! That is my biggest fear that they can't find anything to explain the pain I have been having. But it is my body and I know something is wrong- and you know best as well. As for the MRI, my consultant gave me the option of an MRI but said that ultimately would lead to a laparoscopy anyway whether they were able to see anything on the scan or not! Good luck, I am sure we will both be absolutely fine!! :)

Hopefully! I'm kinda glad other people are going through the same thing..Having the lap really makes me nervous and as I suffer with Anxiety & Panic attacks I'm really worried! I just want to find out what's going on..But I've heard some real horror stories on here..I hope it's not that bad for either of us :-) xx

Best of luck for tomorrow xx

Thanks Joanne. An update for everyone- the anaestetic and the operation was easy and i am feeling surprisingly good today! They did find endometriosis but thankfully managed to remove it all while they were in. I now have the mirena coil so hopefully this is the road to recovery :D xxx

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