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First month pain free in years

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So I got zoladex 2mths ago started hrt and when my first period was due it didn’t come neither did the pain and I was so happy. But then it happened a week later. Admitted to hospital with the worst flare ever. Felt so defeated and unhappy. Took some time off work and decided to give up my hrt as I’m sure the endo was still fuelled by the oestrogen in the hrt. Flashes are grim moods are a bit low but my period was due a wk ago and nothing no period no pain and no flare up so far so good. Have a review in a months time but get another zoladex before then. It’s working so far. So fingers crossed.

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Great news. I hope it continues to work for you. Good luck.

Fantastic news it’s brilliant when it helps. Try Tibolone/Livial HRT it’s designed for our condition & forced menopause. It took/eased a lot of those symptoms away for me. I’m a year down the line & refused to stop whilst waiting for my hysterectomy.

Best wishes x

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Thanks for reply good to know have to go see consultant at end of jan won’t be stopping the zoladex Managing ok without hrt atm. I’ll keep u posted xx

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