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Lap 3 on the horizon


I've been away from this forum for a while for one reason and another but endo has reared its ugly head yet again. You can see my whole story in past posts but basically I'm stage 3/4 endo and have had x2 laps, last one in march 2018. I have tried the pill, mirena and now qlaira with no luck or relief. I'm back on naproxen for the pain and not on constant omeprazole to relieve the symptoms of gastritis caused by too many NSAIDS over the years.

I don't have a question I just need to vent. Will it ever get better!

I remain under a BSGE consultant who suggested that if qlaira doesn't work (which it isn't) then another lap is on the horizon.

Lap 3 in as many years.....brilliant.

Mirena was supposed to be the miracle ...It wasn't. Now qlaira was given the same name ...a 'miracle ' pill....It isn't. What more can I do!

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Bless you I’ve just had my fourth lap in eight years, mirena has helped me with day to day life a bit more but doesn’t seem to have slowed regrowrh down. It’s such an isolating condition, just awful at times. I ended up having three bleeding duodenal ulcers due to. Taking nsaids to try to manage my pain, so I’m with you with the acid, I take omeprazole every day for like now. Chin up sweetheart, one day you’ll have a breakthrough xxxxxxxx

Oh girls, I feel your pain! Terrible this disease.. Lucky me only had one lap but on my way to a second.. unless mirena can save me.. Im such a chicken, tried to get it fitted twice but vacked out bc of the pain.. silly me.. Im back on Liestrin 20, not sure it works.. What is Qlaira? Ps I hate when they say it will stop with menopause or would you mind having your uterus taken out?

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