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Pain after diagnostic lap


Hi everyone

I'm new to this only had my first diagnostic lap last Monday. They ended up draining a cyst on my left ovary, burning off pockets of endometriosis on my pelvis and bowel and I also had a lot of adhesions which were treated.

I had a camera inserted in my womb as I was advised the lining was thick which warranted further investigations.

I basically have no idea about recovery time, I felt like painwise i was much better yesterday but today my right hand side is so sore I can barely stand. I know it's natural to have pain after after a procedure but I would have assumed it would get better no worse :)

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I had some key hole surgery Sunday evening. I’m laying here also trying to heal wondering when it will get better x

You've had surgery so just remember you're not going to be up and about quickly.

Recovery times vary from person to person, their health, their exercise levels, what they've had done and how invasive.

Generally as a guide a lap requires two weeks signed off to recover physically - only after that is it light work with caution. You'll feel tired for the first week and in pain as it's all recovering from being irritated, poked, prodded and will take time to all move back to normal. Then the second week the healing pain comes on, this is different - but you can take the edge off with painkillers, regular short walks, and some yoga. Just listen to your body!

It's shown that if you keep to a normal daily routine as much as possible after any op recovery will be quicker. That means even if you move from your bed to your sofa and then just potter about when you feel you can it'll mean your body is awake, naps are fine. I was encouraged not to stay in bed as even though you're healing, you get rid of toxins and help with the healing by moving about.

Expect your first few cycles to feel horrible - you've had lots done and the uterus doesn't like being moved around - plus our body cant tell the difference between removal of endo pain and endo pain we associate it, so be patient. It can take up to four months to heal from a lap.

Happy to chat about recovery - been through it twice - endo excised from my uterus, bladder bowel and unstuck them all!

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Thanks so much for this information, far better than anything provided by my consultant.

I really wasn't expecting this level of pain and thought I'd be much better after a week. I guess it'll be a lot longer than I originally planned for.

I hope you're doing well since your surgery!

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I know, I don't think anyone expects it because it's such small incisions. Just remember it's still an operation and they still do a lot in there, just it's small incisions as the tools are smaller plus they use cameras now. What goes on inside during the op is the same as when opened up the only difference is the accessibility.

Chill and watch tv :) it's your time to recover xx

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