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Another pointless appointment

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So I saw my gynaecologist the other day, explained that I know longer have functioning bowels or bladder which my GP thinks is caused by the growth of the endometriosis to him advising he wants me to wait another 4 months before considering if he will refer me for another laparoscopy! I’ve been left on laxatives for 2 months now and there’s no signs of this improving I just don’t know what to do anymore I’m losing so much weight rapidly because I’m 2 different laxatives 8 times a day! Has anyone else had these problems I’m so desperate for advice I’m so depressed and just at the point of wanting to have it all removed

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Hi Levi_jazz,

I'm sorry to hear you aren't getting the answers you need. Are you seeing a urologist and/or colorectal specialist as well as the gynaecologist? If your bowels and bladder aren't functioning, it sounds extremely serious.


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No my specialist didn’t suggest any off that he just wants me to wait another 4 months to see how I get on with the laxatives, I have advised him I won’t be able to take the laxatives come January due to a new job and he just said if I get rushed into to hospital with it just ensure no one operates without consulting him

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RicEndoUK in reply to Levi_jazz

Hi Levi_jazz,

If you are having bowel/bladder symptoms, personally I would ask my GP to refer me on to the relevant specialist, even if he/she thinks it may be endometriosis-related. The gynaecologist then would work with the bowel/bladder specialist to treat/remove the endometriosis if necessary. Can you go back to your GP about getting a separate referral, especially since you are losing weight that rapidly?

I really hope you won't need to get rushed to hospital!

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