So ladies I had my hospital this afternoon, didn't realise how worked up about it I was and now I'm totally emotionally drained. The doctor asked me some questions and he was kinda short with me which completely threw me. We talked a bit more and he asked me if I knew about endometriosis, I said yes and he said "well I don't think it's that" so I started to cry. He was very patient and to be fair he made sure I asked everything I had written in my notebook. He did some internal scans which all look grand. In the end he is sending me for a laparoscopy and fitting a mirena coil. I'm so relieved that something is being done now. He said that the waiting list is 2-3 months, so hopefully won't have to wait too long.

Thank you to everyone who gave me advice, I really appreciate the support I get from all you guys.

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  • I was exactly the same after getting told I was going to get a laparoscopy for suspected Endo...progress! Felt so emotional and drained. Stay strong!

  • Thanks! Yeah I surprised myself when i started to cry during the appointment, don't think I realised how much it was affecting me mentally.

  • it's overwhelming to finally realise that someone is listening to you. It's completely normal so don't worry. I really hope you find some answers for your pain. If you want a chat just drop me a message. I was in your exact position a month or so ago. Just had my lap. Good luck and take care xxx

  • Hi Nicole, i went from wanting to swing for him to wanting to hug him lol. He's seems very convinced my issues are not gynaecological (cue tears and imminent violence) however still thinks it needs further investigation (huge relief and more tears). I think he realised that I wanted the laparoscopy badly but just because I need answers. I have never had any surgery before or been given anaesthetic so feeling nervous but happy that we are moving forward. How did your lap go?

  • What a relief it must be for you. It was a huge relief for me, it's almost like seeking validation for your own illness-makes you feel crazy!

    I'm glad you are been listenened to and are moving forward. You'll have answers in no time. :-) what are your symptoms if you don't mind me asking?

    My lap went great, they found endo on my womb and lasered it there and then. Still feeling sore but getting there. Just so overwhelmed that I finally have answers to what I'm going through!


  • Glad it went well, hopefully you start to see some improvements. I get random pains around my ovaries and up my back passage, sometimes referred pain down my thigh. Ovulating has become a nightmare, I've got anti sickness tablets because of the nausea. Had to leave work early because of it last month. The fatigue is unreal at times, during my period, ovulating or after bouts of pain. Got told I had IBS about 10yrs ago. I've tried to get back on the pill recently but have just bled constantly.

  • I've just had pretty much the same experience- appointment yesterday saying well it could be Endo, it's 50/50! 🙄 Gave me the option to have a diagnostic laparoscopy which I've taken. Two months waiting now! I find it so strange how drs don't seem to want to say it is Endo!

  • Yeah it was very frustrating, just really glad he went for the laparoscopy or I honestly would've chained myself to the desk lol. He said if I hadn't have tried the pill recently then he'd be starting there but thankfully it worked out. He doesn't think it's endometriosis as I haven't responded to the pill in any way. Hopefully won't have too long to wait for the laparoscopy. He did an ultrasound and everything was clear, fingers crossed something comes up on the lap.

  • Hope it all goes ok for you

  • You too! Stay in touch!

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