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Help please

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I have endometriosis diagnosed in 2013 after having a laparoscopy. I was originally diagnosed with a block Fallopian tube but I was sure this was wrong and got a second opinion. Thankfully I did as I never had a blocked tube and had endo. I was never given any pain medication & just basically have put up with it since then. I know my symptoms are getting worse but I have never really had the energy to speak to a Gp as they never seem to understand and always fob me off. That’s my experience anyway.

3 weeks ago I went to my gp with pulling stomach pains which got worse before I needed to wee. These were different pains to what I have experienced in the past. I was treated for a urine infection. Two lots of antibiotics & four appts later I have just been to the walk in centre and have been told I never even had a urine infection. The lovely nurse I spoke to checked the system and said my sample came back clear and showed no sign of infection. I wish the gp had actually checked my results as I have just taken another 7days worth of antibiotics for no reason!!

The pain is still there it’s been all over my abdomen, in my back and in my pelvic area. Last week it felt like my ovaries might explode. I do suffer with bad period pains and it is similar to those pains I suppose.

When I seen the gp on Friday I asked to be referred to Gynae as I feel my Endo is getting worse. She was reluctant to do this but when I broke down crying she eventually agreed to refer me. She also gave me codeine for the pain.

Has anyone had urology symptoms that have got worse because of Endo? Or can endo cause then? I’m worried now there is something else wrong with me.

Sorry if the above does not make any sense but I’m just sick of feeling sick and can’t take this pain and feeling for much longer


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Hi there. Endometriosis can come back and you can get adhesions from previous endo removal. You are right to get referred and stick with it to get seen and get sorted. You can't go on as you are. I saw a consultant a few years ago and he decided on doing a laparascopy but said he 'didn't expect to find anything' , but he did! Stick with it!

Thank you x

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