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Stinging Fragmin Injections

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Gahhh!! so last Thursday I had my laparoscopy to remove an ovarian cyst :/ I was let out of the hospital on Friday and everything is going ok. Recovery is going well, I'm mainly staying on the sofa all day, having a little walk every time I go to the toilet and I'm mainly just sore.

The only issue I have is these Fragmin injections, I have to self-inject every day for 2 weeks to stop my blood clotting and I'm hating it! I've never been ok with needles it's crazy. The actual injection itself is ok because I use EMLA cream a good hour before but it's the sting of the medication as it enters -.- I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on self-injection to make it less dreadful, do you warm up the needle in your hands first or leave it at room temperature? am I not leaving the Emla cream on long enough? does the Emla cream have to be warmed in your hands before applying to be more effective?

I inject into my upper thigh because of my operation, I don't think I could handle an injection near my stitches as they're still sore. just a load of questions really, anything to make this a bit more comfortable for me... I've had 4 and I've got 10 more to go!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :) thank you

2 Replies
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Hi it is less painful to inject in your tummy below the tummy button rather than your leg as there is more fatty tissue than muscle in your leg. I found out by experience, I am four weeks post hysterectomy. Good luck x

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I’m afraid it is the drug that stings. I agree with tinkerbell that the tummy will be less painful. I know you’ve had the lap and have 3-4 sites but I would try in a space that’s not sore. Also think of your technique pinch a “fatty bit” and don’t go straight down as you want it to stay in the fat layer - it will sting more if it goes near muscle. I give myself Zoladex injections but it’s tough each time. I always use my belly as it is the easiest area!

1 week left then your done - I’m sure you will be relieved 😊

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