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Slow Release Morphine - Anyone taking?


Morning all,

I am currently on the waiting list to have a lap but its looking like im going to waiting at least another 3-4 months.

Due to the amount of codeine im taking my Dr has put me onto slow release 10mg morphine tablets, ive got the tablets but I just terrified to take them.

Im at my wits end with the pain but I'm also getting really bad nausea so I'm worried that the morphine will just increase that. Im also scared as well because I know that once I've been taking the morphine for a certain amount of time it will be hard to come off and I will get withdrawal symptoms.

Is anyone else on this? What's you experience? Will I still be able to work and live my life or will I be a Zombie?

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I know you posted this a while ago (I haven't been on here for years haha) I am currently on slow release morphine (MST Continus) 30mg every 12 hours (plus morphine oral solution/oramorph 10ml every 4-6 hours, co-codamol/codeine & paracetamol 30mg/500mg ×2 tablets every 4-6 hours for breakthrough pain relief). With the dose of slow release morphine you are on it is very unlikely you will end up feeling doped up or get withdrawal- because they release over 12 hours & the tablets are only 10mg it means it will be releasing less than 1mg of morphine every hour into your system, & it is very unlikely you will feel doped out from that. If you feel you need your dosage increased then your doctor will increase it in small doses (i.e 5mg at a time), & as for withdrawal- it is very unlikely you would get any heavy withdrawal symptoms, & even so your dose will be reduced/tapered off rather than just coming off it in one go.

Have you discussed these worries with your doctor? Because there are lots of other options for pain relief & if you are still worried it may be worth asking about other options & a referral to pain management where they can offer you better help & advice. I hope you have managed to get things sorted anyway

Jes xx

Hi, I’m currently taking liquid morphine everyday, 5ml 3/4 times a day. I don’t feel like a zombie, I took it at night before bed first and it really helped me sleep. Like you I was scared how it was going to effect me but the pain was so bad I had to do something. You can get anti sickness tablets aswel which should help with the nausea. Hope that helps xxc

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