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My update


Hi ladies, I haven’t posted in a while, been very busy with appointments. I last spoke about my laparoscopy and things.. it’s been roughly 18 months since then.

At first after a catch up with my consultant, he suggested having zoladex to stop the regrowing of endometriosis - , so he did an AMH test to check my ovarian reserve. It came back, the results wasn’t great. It was a low count for my age, So he said no to the zoladex because of the affects it could have on me. And because me and my partner both want children, because nothing is happening naturally, we have now been referred to the reproductive medicine clinic and have spoken about going ahead with IVF. as for another laparoscopy, I could be having one before I start treatment, we aren’t sure yet! So that is where I am at with my journey so far❤️

How are you all? X

Abs x

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