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Update from my gynae on the 24 August

Just a update on my visit to my consultant has stopped me on my tiblone tablet to see if that helps me stop bleeding if not they want to put me under and check at the top of my womb asked again to be referred bsge clinic but he still not doing it in so much pain it's unbelievable what else can I do please he seemed very nervous when I mention bsge clinic

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I would take a copy of the NHS guidelines with you then he would have something to be nervous about x

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How do I get that hun any ideas and thank you x


Someone on here has posted it a few times, put a post on asking them to send you the link x


Didn't you say in a previous post that you've had a hysterectomy? You can't be bleeding from your womb if you've had this surgery as you don't have one any more. Your GP can refer you to a bsge clinic if you have severe disease, you don't need the consultant to do it.


I did yes but since the hystrectomy I have been in more pain and bleed from both ends


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