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Ultrasound waiting lists (private possible?)

Hello, I have recently had an initial consultant appointm ent (NHS) and have been put on the ultrasound waiting list (8 weeks!)

Is it possible for me to ask my consultant to refer me for a private ultrasound and then use these results to speed up the process?

Thank you!

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I highly doubt they would do that, the only way is if you pay for the private consultant yourself. I was in your position too, only my wait was a year and a half. I then paid to see a private consultant which then thankfully sped up my treatment through the nhs



You would need a doctors referral, but private is a cost, 150-175 to see the consultant and a further 225-250 for the US scan, you can usually get a very quick appointment, I was offered same day, but opted for a week later, also I was informed of the results on the day of the scan and then had a letter and phone call folllowing up from the consultant

Hope this helps and all the very best


I don’t think it really works that way but I paid £200 to see a private consultant and went back through the nhs for my lap

Honestly 8 weeks for a scan is relatively quick tbh as I was waiting 3 months and got the results same day xxx


I would save your money and wait. By the time you see a private consultant and then get the scan you may as well wait. If you’ve got faith in the consultant then stick with them. Good luck x



If you have medical insurance either yourself or through your workplace (or added onto your partners one) you can have the ultrasounds privately however you'll need to see a private specialist first, have an initial consultation and see what scans they want to do; they'll need to assess you first.

You can get private insurance or pay for treatment in instalments; check out your local private hospital or clinic and either drop in to ask or check their website; there's usually stuff about paying etc. Or check out bupa for an idea of paying your own private insurance. It does all cost but the insurance / instalments is a way of managing that. As enzo14 mentions; the treatment costs and speedy appointments, mine was similar.

As a guide my GP referred me to the NHS and I found a private consultant through my work insurance; I'd had the private initial consultation, diagnosis, ultrasound, blood test and lap with excision and biopsies before I even saw anyone on the NHS....3 months


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