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Private consultation made waiting time longer!?

Hi, everyone

Just want to cry! I thought seeing a consultant for 2nd opinion privately has made my wait shorter for getting surgery.

However, it sounds like it has made my wait longer!

I thought I'd be on a waiting list for surgery once I am transferred to NHS. But only to be told that I need to see the consultant I through the NHS before I can get on to waiting list.

Is this true?

I now think that it would have been quicker to be on a waiting list for surgery had I seen the consultant through the NHS first place...

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Hi sorry for rushed post this categorically isn't true. A) I Did this b) I used to work for both private and the nhs.

Call your local women and childrens/Gynae and ask to speak to you consultants Secretary explain the situation to them and they should be able to sort it for you. This commonly happens,so can be done, probably just an error in system xx


Thank you, I hope so. I have now in contact with PALS who says will investigate. I just cannot understand why I need to wait longer to be put on planned surgery. Thank you, hope the secretary understands the system, at the moment, she doesn't!



I paid to see the gynae privately as I wanted to explain my situation properly (trying to conceive, worst pains mid-cycle). The gynae then wrote to my GP advising them I wanted to persue the NHS route... weeks were wasted as letters got "lost in the post" and silly mistakes were made in admin by the GP surgery and by the hospital (as they'd already sent the referral to the gynae, why would I need another one??). I had to keep calling - cost 5 weeks extra in waiting time so it's well worth chasing things up xx


I am sorry to hear that you had to wait another 5 weeks!

Yes, I am very aware of this from my experience, hence I have been chasing up everything. My GP delayed the referral for 2 weeks and then now again, I am held up with the secretary who doesn't seem to know the NHS procedure. Hopefully, I will get a full answer from PALS but I am not sure if PALS can help much either. They are also employed by the NHS, too!



In Liverpool they seem to be quite happy to just fax the info everywhere - it's far more reliable than the post. It might be you that has to provide the numbers for them to do it though.


Hi, JellyKat.

I have been referred to NHS but I am told I will need to wait for the first NHS consultation to be on planned surgery waiting list. This is now official as apparently the service manager of Oxford said so.

So had I gone though my GP to start with, I would have been on their surgery waiting list by now.... very disappointing....


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