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Ultrasound questions


Hi, I am having my ultrasound on the 25th feb and its the first time i am having it, it says my bladder has to be full and i have to drink 2 pints of water and my appointment is in the morning at 11, i wanted to ask can i eat something as well or not in the morning? (nothing about eating was mentioned)

Also, after the ultrasound is done do they tell you the results straight away or in a another appointment?

and has it ever happened to anyone when they have had a ultrasound and nothing has been seen? what happened next for you?

thanks for answers

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Hello, I had my ultrasound around a month ago. You can eat before and do have a full bladder. With me they did the trabsabdominal scan then asked me to empty my bladder and then had the transvaginal scan. They told me there and then that they couldn't see anything of concern on my scan. Following my scan my GP did the CA125 blood test that was negative. I'm not sure what the next stage is as I'm not seeing my GP until this Friday, good luck for your scan xx

thanks for the info :)

Hi Hun yes your ok eating, I've had 2 ultra sounds and they found nothing so dis heartening you you have loads of symptons too. They told me I was ok at both of mine but some hospitals might be different. Hope this helps and hope you go on ok xxx

rahat20 in reply to Louoakley

Thank you for your advice :)

Hi just be aware that endometriosis rarely shows up on ultrasound, unless it is severe and also it depends on the sonographer. If you have cysts these will show up. With regards to results it varys from hospital to hospital. Good luck. Forgot to say the only way to really diagnose endometriosis is through a laparoscopy.

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Thanks for the info and advice :)

Hi Rahat20

I had a transvaginal ultrasound about a month ago now and for me it showed 1 ovarian cyst and a 2nd one what looks like a endo cyst. i am currently waiting to see a endo specialist

The doctor who did told me what he found there and then but i think thats only cause i asked, told me to book a doctors follow up appointment aswell because they are the ones who will refer you for more tests if necassary.

On the letter i got before my ultrasound it said you can eat as normal before and after but like you have already said you may need to have a full bladder. i didnt need to for a transvaginal scan

Good Luck

rahat20 in reply to Red_Crumb

thanks you for your reply :)

I hope you get well soon :)

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