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South East England Laparoscopy waiting times?

I’ve had an appointment with my consultant today who advised that my ultrasound showed that my ovaries are fixed and he’s therefore referred me for a diagnostic laparoscopy for suspected endo.

Does anyone have any idea what the waiting times are for a Laparoscopy in south east England? How long have you all had to wait? The consultant couldn’t give me any indication at all!

Thank you!

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Hi - my diagnostic lap was very quick - about 2-3 months from my appointment with the gynaecologist I think.

This was last year in Croydon.

Hope you get your op soon


Hi not sure if you're based in London or not but I'm based in North London and after my consultation I received a letter in the post about 2-3 weeks after my appointment with a date for my lap which was 4 months after. Xx



I had my Hospital appointment in Lewisham on the 29th Dec and am due for my Laparoscopy next week. That being said, I called the bookings office every week during Jan as my symptoms were worsening and they have booked me in with a different consultant at a different local hospital so I could be seen sooner, not sure how long the wait would have been if I didn't chase up...defo worth regularly calling for an update. x



Im in south east , i had my lap at medway hosp. I saw head of gynae when was admitted with bad left side pain and he suggested a lap.

I got letter within 3 weeks and a appointment for 21/2 months later so was really quick.

That was last year


Thank you all for replying, I really appreciate your help/ advice. I've just called the hospital to ask waiting times and they've said 8-10 months?!?!?! It's absolutely crazy :(


I’m sorry to hear that, poor you. Can you be put an a cancellation list?

Have you got medical insurance? It seems far too long to have to wait when you’re in pain.

Can your GP help manage your symptoms with meds so at least you’re more comfortable xoxo


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