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Not being able to wee


I'm 16 and don't yet have a diagnosis but am having terrible problems with my bladder and going for a wee. I frequently need to go but when I get there I just can't go. Some days I hold it in for 10 hours before I can finally go. I'm seeing a urologist in 3 weeks and I'm desperately needing needing something doing. It is controlling my life and I can't go out without permanently needing but not being able to go. Has anyone else had similar issues and was endo found? Thanks

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Aww I know how you feeling it’s not the same for me I don’t get the urge to go sometimes it’s really odd I can go all day ?? Then I think ohh I’ve not been all day then I go to the toilet then I get pain... it’s so frustrating I think your going to the best place honey good luck x

Sounds like a UTI to me. Drink lots of water for now.

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If shes seeing a urologist in 3 weeks I reckon a uti would of been ruled out first

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It's definitely not a UTI I've had lots of wee samples tested and there's never an infection

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I have endo and waiting for my lap at the end of Nov. I often feel like I need the toilet desperately & I feel like I have a full bladder, but when I go sometimes it's hardly anything.

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