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Not being able to sleep


Ive had no sleep again am in bad pain and my stomachs swollen and wetting myself am 21, having no sleep is killing me am wondering does anyone know of a good sleeping tablet I can get over my gp? Endometriosis in my bladder now is upsetting me as I keep wetting meyelf :( I need sleep urgently now

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We recently had a dicsussion on how many women have Ecoli bacteria in their bladders from having endo. The two work very well together. Ecoli doesn't give you the normal urinary tract infection symptoms of burning when you pee... but suddenly finding yourself incontinent is one of them. So please take a sample pot of pee to your GP asap, get it tested for infection - and ask them to send it off to the lab to check which bug it is.

You could explain to your GP that you suspect Ecoli - given that you have endo.

Ecoli is VERY common in endo ladies, so don't be too surprised if it is that.

I know the thought of it is not great - but it is a fact proven by research.

90% of UTI are e-coli based.

With the right antibiotic treatment the bugs can usually be zapped enough to improve your symptoms - but Ecoli is increasingly becoming anti-biotic resistent - it may clear things up a bit but you may find the bug has not completely gone and you get a recurrance in a few weeks or months. If that happens then your GP should switch antibiotics to something hopefully a bit more powerful.

We all have ecoli in the gut anyway - but when it mutates it becomes a real problem bacteria.

It is ecoli bug butt all the antibiotics witch can attack it I can't have

Am one step ahead haha my gp sent a sample off on monday :') am allergic to alot of anti biotics aswell :( its getting a joke now this wetting myself :( am not sleeping at all either

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My GP prescribed amitriptyline to take just before I go to bed. This is to help with the pain and make me sleepy.

I've also got a sleeping pill called zopiclone that I can take. But this is a very powerful drug and I only take it as a last resort.

I had a dreadful night again.... Kept waking up and had shooting pains!

I hope you manage to sleep soon.

Barbara x

I can't take amitriptyline it compleatly wipes me out when I had it in hosp the nurses couldn't wake me up all day and missed the ward round :/ I need better pain killers than tramadol and urgently need something to help me sleep, am off the doctors in a min

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I find taking codeine, paracetamol and naproxen altogether, helpful. I also take diclifenac suppositories (can't have them with naproxen though).

Good luck at the doctors.



Given that you can't take antibiotics I wonder if something called d-mannose might be of any help. I know absolutely nothing about it and I'm not advocating it but I came across it a few days ago when we were debating ecoli here. This is the link

Do research it properly if you think you'd be interested and get your doctor's help. It might offer some relief, I really don't know.

I'm also currently looking into fermented foods to support the digestive system. Things like sauerkraut, miso, kombucha and I think these might also help with UTI infections but I don't know enough about it to be able to tell you what could work.

I hope you find a way through this soon. I can imagine how distressing it must be. Take care. x

Gp did say I mayy have to go into hospital for iv antibiotics so they could keep an eye on me

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